For Our Special Friends Across the Bay

Posted on February 13, 2011 by


Although the main writers for 756 sports are 415 loyal, we still feel that A’s/Raiders fans should feel included because it’s all Bay love. Amazingly, the Raiders under the reign of the senile dark lord, Al Davis, pulled off a better record than the much-hyped Niners and crushed their AFC West brethren worse than what Lindsay Lohan did to her career. Unfortunately, the Raiders forgot that the non-conference games counted and had to pack their bags early for yet one more season. The future for the Raiders is bright as their two prized running backs are finally healthy and their number one draft pick, Rolando McClain, made tremendous improvements over the course of the season. Plus, they snuck Devin Hester on to their team in a #12 Ford jersey generating numerous big play touchdowns on both Offense and Special Teams. Of course, Al Davis is Al Davis so despite the turnaround he still felt he had to make a ritualistic sacrifice and fire the fiery Tom Cable. For any other organization this would have been a controversial decision because Tom Cable had the support of the players and did something a Raiders coach has not done since Bill Callahan’s first year as head coach- have a non-losing season. Now, Al Davis may be turn out to be right in this situation because Hue Jackson could have been the brains behind the team’s resurgence. Then again this is the same Al Davis who hired Lane “snake-in-the-grass” Kiffin, picked DHB as the 7th overall selection, and made more excuses for Jamarcus Russell than Jamarcus threw interceptions.