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A week removed from the NFL season and on a Sunday filled with NBA
showcase games, the average sports fan would cure their hangover with a
day where the Heat and Lakers both lost on national TV. I spent my
Saturday and Sunday afternoons taking in one of the most exciting and
up-and-coming sports in the world, 7s Rugby. The game takes the basics
of 15 on 15 rugby and cuts down the amount of players on each team to 7.
The players play seven minute halves in a fast-paced wide open game
which delights the crowd and is gaining popularity all over the world.
It has made such a great impression on fans across the world that it
will become an Olympic game in 2016.

This year’s USA Sevens Tournament took place in Las Vegas for the second
year in a row. The atmosphere off the field, as well as on it, makes
this tournament extremely appealing for citizens and foreigners alike
and has created a growing buzz throughout the nation. This is a great
sign for the growth of rugby in the United States. In 2009, some of us
here at 756Sports attended the tournament in San Diego and had a blast.

The 2011 tournament was not as a great success for the USA 7s team on
the pitch, but the tournament was still highly entertaining. Filled with
big hits from the English team and flashy runs from the South African
and Fijian teams, the tournament brought us lots of highlights. After
beating a strong England national team in the semifinals, South Africa
took the championship title with a team led by their captain Kyle Brown
and breakout performer and tournament MVP in my book, Cecil Afrika. His
dazzling runs and Chris Johnson-esque moves brought joy to the
supporters of South Africa and won them their 7s title since 2009.

756Sports wants to know your opinion on the growing popularity of rugby
here in the United States, particularly with 7s. Hit us up with some
comments and questions and we will make sure to get back to you.

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