State Of The 49ers

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Since the 1995 Super Bowl, the only thing Niner fans have had to cheer about have been a Terrell Owens reception and a botched field goal snap. In fact, the most meaningful game in nearly a decade was this year against the lowly Rams and the Niners showed that they were more dysfunctional than the current state of Egypt. A myriad of penalties, a towel in the face and a few quarterback changes later left Niner fans with that all too familiar feeling of a season cut short yet again. The sense of disillusionment over this organization has hit all time levels because the belief that we were only one or two players away from greatness has faded. If this season taught us nothing else, it is that the Niners problems go way beyond a bad quarterback. The Niner organization started the season with an offensive coordinator who had more trouble calling in plays than George Lopez has in making people laugh. This problem may have been discovered earlier if Mike Nolan Redux a.k.a Coach Singletary knew anything about an x and an o. Then, Singletary’s shortcomings may have been found out if the 49ers organization had this little position filled called a general manager. Despite all of these problems, the 49ers were still in a division that was weaker than the SEC, so they could have at least won seven games to gain that coveted home Wildcard playoff game. Losing to Atlanta because Nate Clemens cannot get out of bounds, falling to the winless Panthers and letting Matt Cassel look like Tom Brady cemented the most disastrous and disappointing season in franchise history.
Fortunately, there is always a next year in football (the collective bargaining talks withstanding) and the 49ers fan should at least be happy about Jed York’s recent activity. He remedied the whole GM fiasco by hiring Trent Baalke and signed the hottest coach in America, Jim Harbaugh. A plethora of questions still surround the 49ers and none bigger than filling the quarterback position. The answer is much more complicated than if we drafted Aaron Rodgers six years ago. Yes, the Niners look like the kid who rode the short yellow bus to school in botching that draft pick , but it took Aaron Rodgers years of development and tutelage under Brett Favre to become the All-Pro quarter back that he is now. These factors were things that Rodgers never would have been able to have if the 49ers drafted him, so he could easily have been as ineffective as Alex Smith has played. On that subject, Alex Smith has thrown his last pass in a Niner uniform and if he is re-signed every Niner fan should plain and simply boycott the team. Harbaugh’s NFL credentials remain to be seen but the one thing we do know is that he knows quarterbacks. He produced Josh Johnson from USD, all-everything Andrew Luck out of Stanford and 140 starts out of himself during a 15 year NFL career. Fans can be assured that Harbaugh will find and mold a more successful quarter back than anything else the Niners have had since Jeff Garcia.


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