The Machine does Zito’s Tuscan Mansion.

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The Giants are filled with characters, we all know that, but Pat Burrell verges on psychotic. The first story I ever heard about Pat Burrell was in high school where my current Philadelphia resident roommate explained a story involving a Scream mask, a baseball bat, and a high priced hooker when he was on the Phillies.  Then all of a sudden last year we get this bro off from Tampa. Only reason why we got Burrell was because Huff Daddy was like “Bochy… I need my college blackout partner in our lineup”, waiver wire pickup, World Series trophy, the Bay goes dumber than ever. Best thing about Burrell is that he negotiates all his contracts by himself, no agent, and no commission, kind of of a smart play for a former Miami graduate. This off-season, knowing the Giants were going to have pay out the ass for Arbitration / resigning Huff, he called up Giants management and said he would play for 1 million dollars. What a bro… probably called Sabean blackout from Zito’s Tuscan mansion and demanded a lesser contract. During the season these videos with himself coined as the “Machine” starting coming out with his large self in a outfit out of Saw. It was funny at first, like Brian Wilson’s old ultimate Brohan routine, lets just get focused to get another ring. Not saying you cant go ball out at Tuscan Mansions with ASU hunnies, by all means, go ahead.


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