Manhattan Banker Arrested For Assault With Lax Stick

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“Manhattan prosecutors are upping the ante against well-heeled Hells Kitchen banker Daniel Brown, accused in a gruesome lacrosse stick sex assault on his girlfriend. Brown, 31, now faces additional felony cocaine possession charges from a stash of drugs recovered from the safe in his W. 57th St. condo, prosecutors said today, in asking that his current $300,000 bail be hiked to $700,000.Prosecutors conceded they have no medical records substantiating the alleged August lacrosse attack, during which Brown is accused of shouting, “You ruined my Thursday night!”But video recovered from recording equipment in his bedroom closet showed him using a lacrosse stick in an apparent consensual encounter with another women, prosecutors told Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Charles Solomon.” – nypost

This story doesn’t surprise me in the slightest. East coast lax bro, works on wall street, abuses his GF, likes to do weird shit with his wand, and has stashes of coke at his crib. Not typical, but not unthinkable. The best part about this story is how furious he gets one night when his Thursday night is apparently ruined. I can relate, when my thursday night is ruined, i go ape shit.


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