Oklahoma City Thunder 94, Warriors 100

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Oklahoma City Thunder 94, Warriors 100. Warriors Big 3>Thunder Big 3

YEEEEE! What a great game for 756 sports first Warriors recap. Last night’s game gave Warrior fans lots to love about our team. Let’s get straight to the positives for this victory.
1. Cleaning up the Glass!
Rebounding and defense come at a luxury for the Dubs. Tonight the Warriors really came to play and did straight work on the boards. We outrebounded the Thunder 47-33! That is not a typo my friends. I haven’t seen that type or rebound discrepancy favoring the Warriors since the Danny Fortson Eric Dampier days. David Lee’s 19 rebounds (4off) really set the tone for the Warriors. He put on a rebounding clinic! The Warriors 20 offensive rebounds to the Thunder’s 2 gave them 40 extra shots on a night where Dorell Wright could not shoot to save his life. This was the main reason why the Warrior won the game tonight.

2. The Warriors Big 3
We all know that the new trend in the NBA is the emergence of Big 3’s on the NBA elite teams. Whether it is Boston, Los Angeles, San Antonio, or the Miami Heat, the NBA’s best teams all have three superstars. This is why there is a long standing rumor that Chris Paul will follow Carmelo to New York in 2012 if he ends up finally being traded there. Although they are not superstars yet, Dlee, Monta, and Steph all played spectacular tonight. The Warriors Big 3 played substantially better than Durant, Westbrook, and Jeff Green.
David Lee- 23 pts (11-22), 19 rebs, 2 ast, 3stls What can I say? He played like the 80 million dollar monster we expect him to be every night. He hustled all over the place and beasted their frontline. He hit mid-range jumpers like he was Karl Malone. It was definitely one of his best performances of the season. His ability to hit the open jumper off the pick and roll really opened the floor for Steph and Monta. And as usual, he also led the team in high fives and LETS GO Chants. You gotta love his intensity and love for the game. Besides his funk in the beginning of the season when he was dealing with his elbow issue, DLee has been consistent and vital to the Warriors all season. I’m glad that he was able to show the nation why we invested so much money in him.

Stephen Curry- 23 pts (10-18) (2-5 3pt), 13 ast, 2reb, 2 stls, 0 TOS
Steph played fantastic tonight. He made me eat my words with a 13ast/0TO assist to turnover ratio. 0 TURNOVERS! He played like a true PG last night. He set the pace, penetrated the defense at will, and ran the pick and roll with Dlee exceptionally well. You couldn’t ask for more from the babyface assassin.
Monta Ellis- 33pts (13-25) (3-7 3pt), 7ast, 2 reb, 1 stl
Monta was Monta tonight. The all-star snubbed showed the nation all of his skillset tonight. Monta scored at will, hit clutch shots, and had 7assists! The Monta of the past did not move the ball or dish like the Monta we have been accustomed to seeing every game this season. How glad are Warrior fans that we never traded him for O.J Mayo and Hasheem Thabeet.
3. Dorell Wright 10 pts (4-16) (1-8 3pt), 7reb, 3 ast, 1 stl
Sure he had a terrible shooting night. He definitely did not show the nation why he is in the 3pt contest this year. However, he played fantastic defense on Durantula and did not let his shooting discourage him from contributing in other ways. He helped on the glass and played great team basketball. In true Stephen Jackson form, he still had the confidence to hit that last 3-pointer to put the Thunder away. This game showed that he is not just the Warriors 3pt chucker and that he is very important to what they do. He ended up with the best +/- of the game at +18.

1. Andris Biedrins 2 pt, 7 reb
It’s pretty crazy to think that Warriors management thought he was going to be a cornerstone for our franchise for years to come. There was one point in the game when he did a nice little move in the post but completely missed the rim on a simple turnaround shot. I don’t know what it is but this man has lost his confidence. Remember when he used to have those 8 point, 19 rebound games? I do not think we’re going to see a retro performance like that for a long time. The Warriors need a true center if we ever want to compete against the West’s elite, and Biedrins just won’t cut it.
2. Bench Play
What’s new? We have no bench depth and have the lowest scoring bench in the league. Edoh, Vlad, and Reggie combined for a measly 9 bench points. The Warriors need better bench play if they plan on making the playoffs.
Overall the Warriors played fantastic tonight. Kevin Durant had his usual 29, but he had to work hard for every shot and did not dominate the game. He’s going to have to become a better complete player if he wants to enter the Kobe Lebron talks. Westbrook played well, but Curry kept running circles around him and looked like the better PG tonight. Our frontline definitely won the battle and made Nick Collison, Nenad Kristic, and Ibaka Flocka Flames (sorry, I couldn’t resist) look average instead of great. We all know the Warriors have a tendency to make average PF’s and C’s look amazing. Overall, it was a great game. Look forward to our coverage when the Hornets visit the Warriors on Tuesday.

Golden Warrior of the night David Lee- 23 pts (11-22), 19 rebs, 2 ast, 3stls
David Lee had one of his best games of the season. He did everything that Warrior fans expect him to do on a nightly basis. He hit jumpers, owned the boards, and hustled his white ass off to cover his suspect defense. Let’s thank New York for letting us have him. How’s Anthony Randolph doing New York?

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