Fuck Matt Latos

Posted on February 18, 2011 by


“What’s a little hate between rivals? San Diego Padres pitcher Matt Latos is using that lack-of-love between the World Series Champion San Francisco Giants and the Padres. If you remember, the Giants knocked the Padres out of the post season with a win the last game of the 2010 season. The Giants went on to win it all while the Padres went home.Now, the San Diego pitcher has teamed with a nonprofit group to sell three autographed baseballs, all signed with the same message directed at the Padres’ Bay Area rival: “I hate SF!” – NBC Bay Area

What the fuck Matt Latos? Like honestly man, can you please stop embarrassing yourself. You lost the division race last year, get over it bro, stop trying to make SF and SD some huge new rivalry. Just so all Padre fans know, Giants fans don’t care about your team….we don’t care about your players… and we especially don’t care about your city.  Your team has never been good, you copied your ballpark after our’s , and you just traded away your best player and city icon. In closing, I would like to use the appropriate comment from Ron Burgandy….


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