Faithful Supporters of the World Series Champion Giants

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Today, FYSU Inc. has officially set in motion just one more reminder about why SF is better than LA. The plan was to raise enough money to fly a banner, reading Giants 2010 champs: Beat LA, above the Dodgers Stadium during their opening home stand. 8,000 dollars, hundreds of likes on their facebook page and an endorsement from KNBR have led to one more Duck the Fodgers moment.

The SF vs. LA rivalry goes back through many years of bloodshed, torment and indignities. The east coast holds on dearly to their Yankees and Red Sox, but the Giants vs. Dodgers is a monster all its own. It is the perfect blend of deep-rooted east coast hatred with new era “We Go Dumb” west coast style. Every series between these two teams sees more fights in the stands than runs scored in the game. Each organization takes these games so personally that Jackie Robinson chose to retire rather than play for the Giants when he was traded at the end of his career. In fact, the hangover’s from the games last longer than if you drank a handle of tequila to your face the night before. After the Giants two-game sweep in 1997 highlighted by Brian Johnson’s infamous home run, Fred Claire, who was then general manager of the Dodgers, said “those two days have stayed with me for the last 10 years,” and Los Angeles Times sports columnist Bill Plaschke argued that “it led to an organizational upheaval…(from which) (i)t has taken the Dodgers nearly a decade to recover.” The only thing lacking in the rivalry of late was a World Series title from either team, but that all ended last October. Therefore, God Bless everyone involved with FYSU because nothing says we are #1 more than flying around a giant banner saying We are #1 and you are not.

( is still taking donations to raise funds for Jr. Giants, so please feel free to support the cause)


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