Justin Beiber aka Jesus Shuttlesworth

Posted on February 19, 2011 by


756 sports officially has the Beiber fever. If anybody missed last nights NBA Celebrity All Star Game go on demand it or something. Beiber was on the West team and was feeling it all night, dropping two NBA 3s like Mr.Shuttlesworth, an ally hoop to Lil Romeo like Steve Nash, and almost broke Common’s ankles like AI. According to Beiber’s agent, Justin was a jock up until he was 13 years old and was the best athlete in his middle school. He never told anyone he was great at singing / dancing / making 13 year old girls freak the fuck out, and once he did, he realized he should probably go down the entertainment track. Other highlights of the night included watching Pippen drop 3s at will whenever the East team was losing a lead and him blocking the shit outta Bieber.


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