Warriors All-Star Game Saturday Preview

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All-Star Saturday will be much better than All Star Friday. GuaranSHEED.

All-Star Friday featured Justin Bieber and the Rookie Sophomore game that featured absolutely no defense whatsoever. That was it. Oh yeah, and some more Demarcus Cousings hating.

All-Star Saturday? We get to hear Kenny Smith say something ludicrous about every single dunk attempt. We get to see the best 3pt shooter in NBA history possibly lose to Paul “I don’t shave and I’m grimey as fuck” Pierce. And of course, Blake Griffin. Do not sleep on JavAle McGee though. The man can fly.

But most of all, Bay Area sports fans are excited to see Dorell Wright and Stephen Curry showcase their talents during the 3 point contest and the PlayStation Skills Challenge.

3pt Contest Preview

1. Dorell Wright 2.5

2. Jason Richardson 2.3

14. Al Harrington 1.9

15. Stephen Jackson 1.9

17. Anthony Morrow 1.9

18. Stephen Curry 1.8

21. Mike Dunleavy 1.8

31. Monta Ellis 1.6

Those are the leaders in 3-point field goals made this season. 8 former or current Warriors are in the top 31! We all know that just like in the street, the bedroom, or on the court, people in the Bay Area just like to GET WET!

In all seriousness though, Warrior Guards/Forwards are expected to hit their 3 pointers. Little did we know DWright would LEAD the league in 3pt makes this season though. Kudos to the NBA for rewarding Mr. Wright with a trip to the all-star festivities this weekend.  Dorell will be going against Paul Pierce, Ray Allen, Kevin Durant, Daniel Gibson, and James Jones in tonight’s shootout.  All these participants shoot relatively well from 3pt range except for Durantula, who is shooting 34% this year. Usually pure shooters win this contest, but Paul Pierce defied this logic when he won last year.  As much as I would love to see Dorell Wright win the whole thing, I just don’t see it happening. Don’t get me wrong. Dorell can shoot, but he’s not a pure shooter. He also gets a lot of help with Monta and Steph spreading the floor for him and his green light to shoot 3’s. (Highest 3pointers attempted a game at 6.1)  I love what he’s done for us this season, but it is not going to translate into tonight’s contest.

Everyone is going to think I’m crazy, but I predict Daniel Gibson to win tonight’s contest. Why you ask? Besides gut feeling, he is 5th in the league in 3pt percentage and the only reason why he collects a paycheck is because he can shoot the ball. Seriously my friends, watch him take home the trophy tonight.


PlayStation Skills Challenge Preview

Stephen Curry will be showcasing his PG skills tonight against Chris Paul, Russell Westbrook, Derrick Rose, and John Wall. This Is quite the crew. The biggest obstacles in this course include the 3pt jumper at the top of the key and passing the ball through the barrels. If a contestant stumbles at one of these spots, they usually will lose the contest. We all know Curry is going to hit that jumper, but him winning is going to be contingent on if he can pass the ball through the barrels on his 1st or 2nd try. That being said, I predict a win from our own Babyface Assasin, Stephen Curry.

I hope you all enjoy this weekend’s festivities. Let’s show DWright and Steph some Yay Area love.

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