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Demar Derozan got robbed. Serge Ibaka dunked from behind the FT line. Javale McGee and his mom showed that they can handle balls…and Blake Griffin won. The 2011 dunk contest was an improvement on years past and highly entertaining. Charles Barkely’s comments highlighted a night filled with props, laughs and most importanly DUNKS.

Here is my dunk-by-dunk recap of the Sprite Slam Dunk Contest:

Dunks 1

Demar Derozan: Coach Darryl “Chocolate Thunder” Dawkins dubbed this dunk, the East Bay Funk Remix…it was an off the side of the backboard alley oop to a between the legs dunk. It would have been a hands down 10 if it went in on the first try, but after a few failed attempts the dunk gets a 9.5 from me, and a 44 from the judges.

Serge Ibaka: Ibaka Flocka Flames came out an impressive behind the FT line dunk. According to one of my colleagues here at 756sports, that dunk has never been done before in the contest. In that case, I gotta give Ibaka a 9.5 for this effort. It didn’t look as pretty as Jordan due to his long stretch and lack of height, but Ibaka did his NBA Africa campaign proud with this one. It received a 45 from the judges.

Javale McGee: His first dunk was the hardest one of the night and after some failed attempts, he managed to get it done. His 2 balls, 2 hoops dunk got a 50 from the judges, a 10 from me and a terrible intro from Coach Chris Webber. Great dunk, great idea, great multi-tasking.

Blake Griffin: Griffin came out with a 360 tomahawk from the dotted line. 49 from the judges and a 10 from me. Great dunk, his first attempt would have been an 11 as he twirked his body and arms in a manner that I have never seen before. Great end to the first round of dunks.

Dunks 2

Derozan: 10 for his “show stopper” dunk. It was possibly the best of the night as he threw it up and one hand scooped it off the bounce to throw it down on the opposite side of the hoop. 50 from the judges and whole bunch of jaw-drops from the crowd. Great dunk. Demar Derozan got a 94 out of 100 from the judges, a 19.5 out of 20 from me, and should have been in the finals.

Ibaka: “Is he gonna bite the teddy bear?” Yup. “That’s a cute kid, but that’s a bad haircut.” Yup. Ibaka’s save the kid’s toy dunk was creative, but weird. He gets a 9, 45 from judges. 18.5 from me, 90 from the judges. Good showmanship, Ibaka was fun and creative, all you could ask for in a contestant.

McGee: 3 balls, one hoop dunk. This dunk took forever, but was quite impressive. John Wall ooped one ball to him as he dunked 2 others down. The whole lead-up to it with McGee’s WNBA mom coming out and giving Dr. J some tongue action was very strange. Weirded me out, 9.5 from me, 49 from the judges. This gives him 19.5 and a 99 overall from the panel.

Griffin: off the side of backboard to windmill. 8.5 from me, a questionable 46 from the judges. His first few attempts were at a 360 from the same angle, that would have been a 10, but this one seemed to easy for him. 18.5 from me, 95 from the panel, sending him into the finals over Derozan. This was obviously fixed to get him to the Kia jump dunk.

FINALS: McGee v Griffin

Griffin: Off the backboard, elbow in rim dunk. 10. Hands down 10. Extremely impressive, homage to VC 2000 dunk contest which is still the best performance ever.

McGee: Underneath the backboard cradle dunk. 10. Wow. This dunk was amazing considering McGee’s 7’0 frame.

Griffin: The highlight of the night came with this dunk…Griffin jumped over the hood of a Kia, caught an alley oop from Baron Davis through the sun-roof and threw it down with authority. All this happened while his coach, Kenny Smith, ran his mouth and the Crenshaw Elite Choir sang “I believe I can fly.” Ridiculous presentation and idea, but I wish he jumped over the sun-roof. 10, but it could have been better.

McGee: 8.5 for his I give up, throw it off the backboard dunk. He proved he can jump, but CMON MAN!! Blake Griffin was always going to win it.

This dunk contest was a lot of fun, but “when a pretty girl is dumb, it don’t matter.” Thanks Charles Barkley.


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