Save B2B!

Posted on February 21, 2011 by


For 99 years, San Francisco has hosted one of the most fun, outrageous and awesome events in the history or mankind: The Bay to Breakers. Coming up on its 100th year, B2B is on the brink of destruction as both floats and booze are banned from this year’s event. Without those two things, it is just a bunch of people running through the streets of San Francisco causing traffic. The organizers cite sponsorship issues, neighborhood complaints and public waste as reasons for the prohibition enactment (all topics that are severely blown out of proportion: see for myths debunked). Boo freaking hoo! I will not sit here and let a few Brohaters take away the day that puts the Fun in Sunday Funday. How can you be so bitter and malevolent that you want to depose of a glorious day where almost the entire Bay Area comes together to make fools of themselves, have a few drinks and get a workout all at once? This is not a riot, but a Bay Area bonding experience where Jackie Moon’s motto, “E.L.E- Everyone love Everyone” becomes a reality. Old men are doing beer bongs, cops are giving you high fives and nudity is not only socially acceptable but encouraged. All day party’s like this are as rare as finding a teenage girl who does not have Bieber fever. Therefore, go to and let us find away to preserve the one day a year where our party is the envy of the whole nation.

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