Home Dominance Disappears

Posted on February 23, 2011 by


For one half of last night’s game, the Warriors looked like they were once again going to haunt the mighty C’s in Oakland. However, in the last 24 minutes, they stopped scoring and let the Celtics keep scoring. It was a tough second half to watch and even tougher to watch on the east coast with a bunch of Boston fans. The only thing that kept me interested was listening to the great Bill Walton announce the game like he was tripping on acid (which he probably was). Now, it is no surprise  that Bill Walton was announcing high, especially only a few miles away from Berkeley, since he is notorious for being the psychedelic figure of professional basketball. His ridiculous compliments of Rondo’s play (“He runs up and down the whole court the whole game without sweating” Dude, he does not have to perspire when you are sweating his jock for him), his botching of sponsorship spots (During Miller Lite’s Taste Greatness moment- “I do not know if it Tastes Great or Is Less Filling?”) and his hypocritical Warrior bashing (“Great players do not play for statistics, they play for wins” as Rondo gives up a fast break lay-up to a trailing player just to pad his assists column) are not what concerned me the most. His drug-induced telecast kept reminding me of Dock Ellis’ No-Hitter on LSD and his commentary on his experience during the game. Celtics if you want to have someone do drugs and broadcast your games, hire Dock Ellis. I do not care if he was a baseball player, at least he handle his drugs without coming out full-retard like Bill Walton.


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