Top 5 Quarterback Options for 49ers

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Now that the San Francisco 49ers have found what we all hope to be the coach of the future, we can start looking at our options for the most important position in the league for next year. Since the end of the Jeff Garcia era at QB in 2003, we have had 9 different starting quarterbacks. Here is the list:

2010 Alex Smith (10) / Troy Smith (6)
2009 Alex Smith (10) / Shaun Hill (6)
2008 Shaun Hill (8) / J.T. O’Sullivan (My personal fave…JTO, OOOO 8)
2007 Alex Smith (7) / Trent Dilfer (6) / Shaun Hill (2) / Chris Weinke (FSU Legend, another fave 1)
2006 Alex Smith (16)
2005 Alex Smith (7) / Tim Rattay (4) / Ken Dorsey (3) / Cody Pickett (2)

Something has to change. So 756sports is going to provide you and Mr. Harbaugh with a list of our top 5 options for next year…and no I will not include Alex Fucking Smith.

Top Choices for the 2011 SF 49ers starting quarterback position:

5A and 5B. Carson Palmer and Donovan McNabb, Cincinatti Bengals and Washington Redskins–> Both veteran QBs are being kicked to the curb by their respective teams, although the Bengals seem to be kicking Palmer back onto their squad. Palmer has asked to be traded, but the team will not let him go. As for McNabb, the guy underperformed for the Redskins and Coach Shanahan decided to keep Sexy Rexy Grossman over McNabb who was potentially going to rob the Skins of millions if he did not get dropped. Palmer and McNabb have shown signs of brilliance in the past, but I think they will cost the 49ers too much and are too much of a risk to sign to long-term deals. I would like it if we could sign one of them to a short-term deal, while we mold a rookie for the future, but that just doesn’t seem likely.

4. Ryan Mallet, Arkansas–> This 6’6, 238 lb stud has the size, accuracy and attitude of an NFL star in the making. His frame reminds me of Peyton Manning and I believe he has what it takes to be a top-notch NFL Quarterback. He broke all the records at Arkansas and would be a steal in the 2nd round, but it is unsure whether he will still be around. Scouts are questioning Mallet’s leadership skills and calling him cocky, but in my opinion he has the swagger and attitude of Ben Roethlisberger and I think the kid can be a winner.

3. Kevin Kolb, Philadelphia Eagles–> He is a solid, good option for the 49ers and I think we would know what we are getting if we traded for him…but is he worth our first round pick? The Eagles are hoping a team bites on that bait, or else they are happy to hold onto him in their back pockets while they squirm and hold their breath every time Mike Vick (Franchise tagged) runs for a first down. I like the idea of giving up a 2nd round pick for Kolb, but I am not completely sold that he is a QB of the future. He is a better option than the guys listed above, but he has not proven himself in the league (yes, he has had good games, but look at his performance versus a terrible Dallas Cowboys defense on the last game of the year: 18/36, 162 yds, 1 TD, 3 INTs and a Loss versus a Cowboys team led by Stephen McGee, who? Exactly.)

2. Vince Young, Tennessee Titans–> This guy has proven to be a winner in the NFL. He has also proven to be a complete headcase and has the potential to ruin our franchise completely. Is he worth the risk? I do not know whether or not he is, but with Jim Harbaugh at the helm, he might be. Harbaugh has a knack for developing and working well with QBs and he just might be the man who could put his arm around Young and harness all his talent. He has the size, speed, mobility and arm to make plays, but his contract and off-field antics are a huge downside. I do like him over Kerry Collins or Matt Leinart, but I think we can find a better, younger version of him in the draft…

1. Cam Newton, Auburn–> The BCS championship and Heisman Trophy winner has all the talent in the world and all the NFL scouts buzzing after his performance for the media. I think he will turn out an amazing pro-day and potentially be a top 5 pick (Bills). If he is there at 7, I hope the 49ers truly consider taking him. He would bring a new energy and life to a struggling San Francisco 49ers franchise and could be a great QB under coach Jim Harbaugh. He has proven to be a winner on multiple levels winning a JC championship before his complete domination of the SEC (50 TDs) and his BCS ring. He does bring some possibilities of off-field antics, but I think he has a good head on his shoulders and can become the next big thing in the NFL. His size, speed, mobility and arm make him eerily similar to VY and I hope the 49ers make a move to draft Cam Newton.


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