Bruce Bochy Announces Starting Rotation

Posted on February 24, 2011 by


We win it all! from Dan Pera on Vimeo.

Our faithful leader and manager Bruce Bochy has announced the official starting lineup for this upcoming year. It goes like this : Tim Lincecum, Jonathan Sanchez, Matt Cain, Barry Zito and Madison Bumgarner. Ahhhh the joys of being a Giants fan…. just look at that pitching rotation…. un fucking believable. The accolades i can rattle off for each individual would take two posts at least. Did I also mention we have the best closer in the game? One of the best middle and late relief bullpens in the game? A ball park that is perfect for how this team is put together? To people who say that this brand of baseball is boring and uninteresting, I say you don’t know what baseball is truly about. I love the Giants torture style, NL West, grind it out to the last inning baseball. We ain’t some AL East squad playing made up baseball rules (DH), signing 200 million dollar deals, swinging for the fence every pitch. Welcome to the new era of baseball, pitching, defense, and timely hitting. We aren’t going anywhere so get used to us…. Visual evidence above…

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