First Game, First Win, 7-6 over AZ

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Meaningless game I know… still is great wining the first one of spring training. Posey went off, Lincecum got banged around (kinda worried/didn’t like that). The thing that really irks me is that ESPN is not televising one Giants spring training game. Like are you kidding me? We just won the world series, have one of the most interesting teams in the past decade, and a top 10 salary spending team, on top of being from one of the biggest sports markets in the country…….. Just look at this lineup

Thu, March 3 1 p.m. Detroit vs. Atlanta ESPN
Mon, March 14 7 p.m. N.Y. Yankees vs. Boston ESPN2^
Wed, March 16 1 p.m. Boston vs. Atlanta ESPN
Mon, March 21 1 p.m. Boston vs. Philadelphia ESPN
Tue, March 22 1 p.m. N.Y. Yankees vs. Baltimore ESPN
Wed, March 23 1 p.m. N.Y. Mets vs. St. Louis ESPN
Thu, March 24 5 p.m. Chicago White Sox vs. Cubs ESPN2
Fri, March 25 1 p.m. Atlanta vs. Philadelphia ESPN
Sat, March 26 4 p.m. Chicago Cubs vs. Texas ESPN2
Tue, March 29 1 p.m. Detroit vs. N.Y. Yankees ESPN

6 out of the 10 games feature NY based teams, 3 have Boston and Philly with 2. Texas is the only team from the NL/AL West on the schedule, and they shouldn’t even be in the AL West….. Fuck ESPN.

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