Trade Deadline Deals and How They Effect the Warriors

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Warriors trade Brandon Wright and Dan Gadzuric to New Jersey for Troy Murphy and a second round pick in 2012.
Honestly I wish I could be more excited and elaborate more on this trade. After three failed years of trying to replace Jason Richardson, the Warriors heart and soul, we finally got rid of Wright. I never liked him to begin with. Sure he had potential and was one of the longest people I’ve ever seen, but he always seemed like he lacked the killer instinct and didn’t really enjoy playing basketball. I’m excited that he is gone. Although there are talks that we might actually use Troy Murphy, we are most likely going to buyout his contract. So we saved a little bit of money and have a second round pick. Whoopdeeedoo.
The Warriors were rumored in a trade that would have sent Antawn Jamison back to the Warriors involving Biedrins and our expiring contracts. It would have been awesome to see Antawn back in the bay hitting scoop shots. He would have been a great 6th man and a great addition to our struggling bench, but it would have been a big risk because of his large contract.
Celtics trade Kendrick Perkins and Nate Robinson for Jeff Green and Nenad Kristic.
Celtics also trade Semih Erden and Luke Harangody for a Cavaliers 2013 second round pick.
Thunder also trade Morris Peterson and D.J. White to Charlotte in exchange for center Nazr Mohammed.
Sacramento gets Marquis Daniels and cash considerations from Boston for a future draft pick.

Thunder: This was easily the most shocking deal of the day. For the Thunder, they went from maybe making some noise in the West to becoming a legit title contender. The Thunder lacked legit size and scoring from the post. They now can contend with the Lakers and Spurs with Kendrick and Nazr dominating the paint. This also puts James Harden into a starting role. It’s time for that Baron Davis beard wannabe to step up and show why he was drafted 3rd overall. Sure Harden has potential and has looked great at times, but he has the ability to be similar to Manu Ginobli. We’re going to find out if he can replace Jeff Green as their 3rd scorer, which I think he will do admirably. The Thunder now have a starting lineup of Westbrook, Harden, Durantula, IbakaFlocka Flames, and Perkins. The Thunder have size and depth to seriously contend with the Spurs and Lakers for to a trip to the finals. The Thunder were going to have to pay a lot of money to Jeff Green over the summer, so they shipped him off and now have a dynamically better team.
Grade: A+
Celtics: The NBA world questioned why the Celtics did this trade. People said it made no sense and that it made them a worst team. Why screw with arguably the best team in Basketball? The Celtics did this for several reasons. The main reason why they did this was because they needed a versatile defender to guard Lebron, Kobe, Carmelo etc. They could not rely on a 32 year old Paul Pierce to play intense defense on star players for the entire game while also shouldering the load on O. A major reason they won the championship in 2008 was because of…. James Posey. They miss Tony Allen and James Posey because Marquis Daniels wasn’t getting it done. That’s why they got rid of him. Jeff Green has great potential and he gets to play his natural position at the 3 instead of at the 4. The Celtics must know some insider information that the O’Neals will be coming back soon if they did this trade. Ainge would not have done this if he did not think they were coming back. Kristic is serviceable but does not play defense and plays soft for a 7’ footer. If the rumors are true that Rasheed Wallace is coming back, this will be a great trade for the Celtics. At full strength, their big men would include Sheed, Shaq, Jermaine, and Kristic. They have enough size for the Lakers and are now a more complete team if these guys are all healthy. That is a big IF However. We can’t truly give them a grade until we see if the big men come back healthy. Because of this they get an incomplete grade.
Grade: Incomplete
Effect on the Warriors: This is terrible news for the Warriors. We are going to have to deal with the Thunder for more than a decade barring them losing Durant or Westbrook. They are not just the “fun and exciting team anymore.” They are CHAMPIONSHIP contenders.

New York Knicks get Carmelo Anthony, Chauncey Billups, Anthony Carter, Renaldo Balkman, Corey Brewer, and Shelden Williams.
Denver Nuggets get Wilson Chandler, DaniloGallinari, Raymond Felton, TimofeyMozgov, a 2014 first round pick and a 2012 and a 2013 second-round pick and cash.
Minnesota gets Eddy Curry and Anthony Randolph.

I am as glad as you are that the Melodrama is over. Let’s be honest, it was worse than the decision. The decision was an hour and it involved arguably the best player in the NBA. Melo was in our face all day and changed stances on what he said throughout the entire season. He is simply not good enough for all that hype attention. With all that being said, the Knicks did the right thing and got the man they wanted. Sure they gave up a lot for him, but Felton, Gallinari, Felton, and Mozgov are all replaceable. When you have the chance to land a star, you go and get him. People argued that the Knicks should have just waited to sign him in the off-season. The Knicks couldn’t take that risk though. Melo wanted to play for New York, but money is money. He would have weighed his options and might have gone somewhere else than New York if they didn’t trade him by the deadline. I feel that Chauncey is going to play great in New York as well. He’s pissed that he was an afterthought in the trade. With a championship to play for and a chip on his shoulder, he’s going to play great in D’Antoni’s system. The Knicks are real good right now, but they need one more piece and more defense to compete with the Heat, Celtics, Lakers, and the Spurs. Amare and Carmelo are two of the worst defenders at their positions, so they’ll need to improve defensively before being seriously considered to win a championship.
Grade: A-, they could have gave up less.
The Nuggets did the best they could regarding their circumstances. Instead of losing Carmelo in the off-season, they ended up with young players and draft picks for the future. They are worse, but they still have a decent team that can compete in the west for a playoff spot.
Grade: B+, They did a great job getting players in return, but they did lose one of the best pure scorers in the NBA.
I like what the T-Wolves are doing. They know Minnesota sucks and no one wants to go there. They realize that their only chance of actually contending is through trades and luck in the draft. No one is going to sign there and for good reason. They are taking players that have questionable attitudes and basketball IQ but who also display loads of talent and potential. We all thought Beasley was going to fail but he’s doing alright in Minnesota, averaging 19.8 PTS and 5.6 REB a game. Warrior fans druled over Randolphs potential. He can dribble for a big man, has major bounce, and can block everything. Let’s also not forget that this man is 21 years old. Sure he has no jumper, touch around the basket or basketball IQ, but he’s going to get to play lots of minutes in Minnesota. We’re going to finally see what Randolph is capable of. Eddy Curry’s contract will be bought out so his fat ass can just sit and eat on the bench of a team that’s dumb enough to acquire him.
Grade: A-
Effect on the Warriors:
This trade was great for the Warriors. Denver is now depleted and will struggle to hold on to their 6th spot in the west. This helps for our playoff push, and this trade has made the western conference worse. It does wonders for us in the future. We don’t have to worry about Melo anymore. Remember folks, this team made us miss the playoffs when we were 48-34.
Utah trades Deron Williams to the New Jersey Nets for Devin Harris, Derrick Favors, a 2011 first 2011 first-round pick, a 2012 first-round pick (via Golden State) and cash considerations.
Nets: New Jersey might have struck out on Lebron and Carmelo, but they got one hell of a consolation prize. New Jersey always seems to go after point guards. They’ve traded for Starbury when he was Starbury, Sam Cassell, and Jason Kidd. This time however, they received arguably the best Point Guard in the NBA. Devin Harris is good but not anything special, and I really don’t see why people think Derrick Favors is a big time talent. I saw him play in person and he looked awful. I know that he has potential, but big men who have potential usually have good hands, incredible athleticism, and good footwork. He has none of these except for above average athleticism and a big body. The Nets made a big move and now people have a reason to want to sign there as a free agent. Great job New Jersey.
Grade: A
Jazz: I hate these guys. I really do. I hate their racist fans and everything about them. I still have fond memories of the WE BELIVE playoff series against them that I do not want to get into right now. I am so glad that Deron was finally freed from those Mormon assholes. I admire the Jazz for getting value for Deron because they knew he was going to leave in 2012, but what is their plan? They pulled a Chris Webber-Don Nelson. They got rid of their best player and hall of fame coach. WTF??
Grade: C
Effect on the Warriors: This is great for the Warriors. It weakens the western conference and the Jazz will for sure not make the playoffs anymore. This will help our playoff push.
Cleveland trades Mo Williams and Jamario Moon to the L.A. Clippers for Baron Davis and a 2011 first-round draft pick.
Clippers: Gotta feel bad for Baron. He was just starting to bring life back to his game with the emergence of Blake Griffin. As much as I hate LA, it is not Cleveland. The Clippers did a good job getting rid of Baron’s ridiculous contract, but they received Mo Williams. Mo is a terrible point guard for Blake Griffin. He’s a shoot first point guard who cannot pass like Baron. I’m interested to see how he’ll play with Blake. This is also a plus for the Clippers because this officially makes the Clippers Blake Griffin’s team. If Baron stayed it still would have been his team in terms of a leadership role. I’m excited to see how Blake responds to his new position as the vocal leader of this team. However, the main reason for this trade was to clear cap space, and you have to applaud the Clippers for that.
Clippers: B+
Cavs: This is a terrible trade for the Cavs. Baron will not care when he gets on the team, and they are getting a top ten pick in one of the weakest draft classes in years. They are also stuck with Baron’s cap killing contract.
Grade: D
Effect on the Warriors: The Clippers now have cap space for the coveted free agent class of 2012. They are not the Clippers anymore. They will be a force to reckon with for years to come.
Charlotte trades Gerald Wallace to Portland for Joel Przybilla, Dante Cunningham, Sean Marks and a conditional 2011 and a conditional 2013 first-round draft pick.
Blazers: This was one of the most underrated trades of the deadline. The Blazers are looking great right now. LaMarcus Aldridge is a star, Brandon Roy came back and looked like himself the other day, and now they have one of the most versatile and underrated players in the league. No Oden? Who cares? The Blazers can now matchup with anyone because of their depth. They can go with many different lineups because of Gerald Wallace’s ability to play SF and PF. This was a great trade for the Blazers. Check out this Gerald Wallace mix. It is one of my favorites.

Grade: A-
Bobcats: The Bobcats lost Tyson Chandler, Raymond Felton, Nazr Mohammed, and now Gerald Wallace from their playoff team last year. MJ, what are you doing man?? It’s sad to see that Jordan is one of the worst owners in the NBA.
Effect on the Warriors: The Blazers are legit. They remind me a little of the Jailblazers team back in the day. Andre Miller is their Damon Stoudamire, Aldridge is their Sheed, Roy is their Pippen, and Wallace is their Bonzi Wells. The Blazers are now a powerhouse and will be a force to reckon with in the near and distant future.

Grade: F
New Orleans trades Carl Landry to Sacramento for Marcus Thornton and cash considerations
Hornets: Great trade for the Hornets. Carl Landry was underutilized on the Kings with Jason Thompson and DeMarcus Cousins also at the PF spot. Carl Landry is another weapon for the Hornets, and with Emeka Okafor’s injury troubles, Landry provides scoring, hustle, and good defense for their playoff push. Who knows, maybe it will make Chris Paul stay.
Grade: B+
Kings: Marcus Thornton gets buckets. The Kings need guys who can get buckets. In fact, the Kings need lots of things including a therapist for Demarcus Cousins.
Effect on the Warriors: None really. We knew the Hornets were better than us already, but Landry will not make them championship contenders.
Grade: B
Houston trades Aaron Brooks to Phoenix for Goran Dragic and a future first-round draft pick.
Houston also trades Shane Battier and Ishmael Smith to Memphis for Hasheem Thabeet, DeMarre Carroll and a future first-round draft pick.

Rockets: With the emergence of Kyle Lowry, Aaron Brooks was expendable. Kyle Lowry is a better pure point guard, and has been putting up numbers lately. He is a better fit for their team because he can get the ball to Luis Scola and Kevin Martin. I like this trade because Goran has potential and they get a first round pick out of it. The Rockets knew they weren’t going anywhere and wanted to get younger and save money, so I understand why they gave Battier away. It was a smart move for them to get under the cap.
Grade: B+
Grizzlies: This is a great trade for the Grizzlies. They have a lot of young talent and the beast Zach Randoloh. He’s definitely changed his attitude the past couple of years. It’s been a long time since incidents like this.

Battier provides them the perimeter defender they don’t have and some veteran leadership for their playoff push. This was a great trade for the Grizzlies.
Grade: A-
Effect on the Warriors: The Rockets showed that they are not ready to compete for a playoff spot with these trades. They are officially in “rebuilding mode,” which is a good sign for the Warriors. On the flipside, the Grizzlies look like the team that has the best chance to overtake Denver and Utah and get the 8th spot.
Suns: I thought this was a bad trade for the Suns. The Suns can now do what Dallas did with Nick Van Exel and Nash a couple years back, but this trade isn’t good for them in the long term. Aaron Brooks is now their PG for the future, but the man is not that great of a passer. With Nash at the helm for the past couple of years, Suns fans are going to get pissed when Brooks chucks shots when Nash retires.
Grade: C
Effect on the Warriors: Both teams got a little better for the short term, but this doesn’t mean much in the long term. With both of these teams ahead of us in the playoff picture right now, this trade puts them both in a better position than us to make the playoffs.
Atlanta trades Mike Bibby, Jordon Crawford, Maurice Evans, and a first-round pick in this year’s draft to Washington for Kirk Hinrich and Hilton Armstrong.
Hawks: This was a bad trade for the Hawks. Bibby was washed up, but Kirk is not that much better. He’ll facilitate more and open up more scoring for the Hawks, but Kirk has a big contract and wasn’t worth the assets the Hawks gave up for him.
Grade: C
Wizards: Good trade for the Wizards. Bibby is a good veteran leader for John Wall, and they got rid of Hinrich’s large contract. They also received a draft pick, which is great for their rebuilding plan.
Grade: B+
No effect on the Warriors.
Overall Analysis: Lebron and the decision changed everything. The players are responding and are looking to join forces. This trade deadline was one of the best in years because of the Miami Heat. It’s true. However, this trade deadline shifted the balance of power in the NBA. The Eastern Conference is now 6 deep, with Miami, New York, Boston, Chicago, Atlanta, and Miami. Although the Western Conference is still better at the bottom of the conference, the East now has more elite teams. This obviously helps the Warriors. Let’s hope this deadline propels their playoff push.


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