The Serious Side Of Brian Wilson

Posted on February 28, 2011 by


Most of my northeast friends say Brian Wilson is a joke and that he is basically putting on an act, trying to be like Kenny Powers or something. While I will agree with you that his ultimate bro routine is getting old, (after the George Lopez show thing I was kinda sick of it) BWill is serious a lot of the time he speaks. I loved and admired his candid comments about the team during the playoffs and regular season last year. Its very rare these days to see players stray away from the same recycled statements that we hear on ESPN day after day. (i.e. Bill Belichick). His relationship with his passed away father is something that is very important in his life. His routine that he does once he closes out a game is a tribute to his father and to God, two of his biggest influences in life. Think about how amazing it must have felt to strike out that last batter in the World Series last year and be able to give tribute to your father in front of the entire world like that? We all look forward to this upcoming season BWill where you will undoubtedly make things always too interesting in 9th, rarely blow any saves, and provide us with great quotes and entertainment.

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