Giants Spring Training Update – 3/1

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Cactus League play has been heating up and the Giants have been playing awesome so far. When looking for signs of future regular season success at spring training games, one should look for individual performances from certain individuals in my mind. I had a list of players I wanted to see play well and thought were going to be keys to this season, here they are :

1)Pablo Sandoval – Guy has been on a tear so far, blasting balls out into the desert air and showing us not with words, but with actions, that his weight is under control and is back to his 2009 form when he hit .330 with 25 bombs.

– what a JACK

2. Mark Derosa

Mark Derosa could be a vital and integral role in our squad this year. After being hurt for pretty much the entire last year, playing in less that 30 games then needing wrist surgery, he has been raking so far going 6 for 8 in 3 games. The best part about Derosa is he is not only a utility player, but more of a super utility player, the guy can literally play every position well and won’t be a defensive liability ( Freddy Sanchez is better at 2B though, think snowcone catch during WorldSeries, still one of my favorite plays in last years improbable run). As long as he doesn’t get injured, expect big things.

3. Brandon Belt (Buster Posey 2.0)

After starting a bit slow, our blue chip prospect hit 4 RBI’s last game in his first Cactus League Start. This is great news Giants fans. I feel so spoiled to have Buster Posey last year, and then this guy this year. I look forward to having him on the Opening Day roster, because if he keeps up this play, Bochy won’t be able to keep him off it.


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