Barry Zito

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“Barry Zito’s hold on the No. 5 spot in the starting rotation is not strong, writes Bruce Jenkins, who also notes that the San Francisco Giants may consider buying out Zito before Opening Day.
Zito is owed $64.5 million including the $7 million buyout on the club option for 2014, so it’s difficult to imagine a scenario where Zito accepts significantly less money to cut ties with the club.” ESPN Rumors

I have always backed Zito through thick and thin, when his fastball could barely hit 85, when his ERA was 4.8 or above, when everyone was calling for him to be crucified, I still had faith in him and respected him. The reason why I always respected him was that he was never complacent in his failures, he always showed his disapproval with himself on his face on the mound, talked about how embarrassed he was, even last year going down and living with BWill and getting cut and huge. Also he raged harder than any other Giant, banged Paris Hilton and lived it up in Hollywood. But maybe I should start looking at the evidence… we have a 126 million dollar 5th starter…. And now he has the audacity to show up to camp out of shape after being let off the post-season roster. After hearing all your interviews and sound clips about being part of the team last year and hoping to contribute to this years team more, and then this happens…. you fucking kidding me bro? You are an embarrassment to the Giants organization, you should not be able to wear the black and orange, go back to SoCal with your stolen money, leave your underserved World Series ring behind bitch.

-I still love this video though, “Me Barry Zito…. What?”


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