Silly, Bieber, Crack-Cocaine is for Adults!

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“Banging seven gram rocks and finishing them because that is how I roll, I have one speed, one gear-Go!”

This legend is the hottest thing in the media right now over the Middle East Crisis, the Wisconsin Union battles and most amazingly Justin Bieber. That’s right, Bieber Fever has a finally found a vaccine. It is a middle-aged man who has re-written the rulebook on partying. Last Sunday, ABCNews interviewed him and his responses were “radical.” He called out Jagger, Richards and Sinatra by saying they are “droopy eyed armless children.” What can Justin Bieber say? Uh, I had a better virginity party than Nick Jonas?  Sheen has seen and done everything and should be commended, rewarded and revered for his actions. He just won the Gold Medal at the Bender Olympics. His accomplishments are the equivalent of Michael Jordan to Basketball, Gretzky to Hockey or Stephen Hawking to Nerds. Bieber is doing his thing, but he has a long way to go. I mean, there is a 99.999% chance that the Cleveland Indians will retire Ric Vaughn’s number when it is all said and done. Moreover, he has taken Brian Wilson under his wing and given him the nickname Monk Assassin.  If Brian Wilson was not unstoppable before, wait until he is infused by the aura of the Wild Thing. That’s the brilliance of Charlie Sheen. He may live forever because he has tiger’s blood, but if he does not, he at least is training a great man to take his place. So please, enjoy this man among boys while you still can. Viva the Sheen!

(in case you missed it, or just can’t get enough, here are some highlights from the interview)


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