Is Tom Holmoe a Racist or Just Terrible at Winning?

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Despite having a chance to take the lead with under a minute left, USF could not quite live up to my guarantee last night, and fell 71-67 to the Zags. Congrats to USF for a much improved year, but now it is time to look for a new team to root for in March. Since there are 100+ teams in the NCAA tournament (only 68 but probably going to expand to 128 in the near future), it will be hard to find one team to support, so let’s go the other way and find a team to hate. Other than Duke who you must be crazy like Cameron to cheer for, everyone in the Bay Area should resent BYU like they just bitch slapped your mother. Last week, the number three team in the nation suspended their best forward and leading rebounder Brandon Davies for a violation of the school’s honor code. At first, I thought he raped a stripper, stole laptops or was caught with drugs. However, the violation was that he had premarital sex…with his girlfriend. I was shocked and outraged when I heard this news because I could not believe a D-1 school would throw away a possible run at the Final Four, which includes millions of extra dollars in revenue for the school, for one of their players acting their age. Then, I looked into the matter and found out who the Athletic Directer was: Tom Holmoe. It all makes sense now. Tom Holmoe hates to win and he does whatever he can to make sure that does not occur under his watch. During his inept tenure at Cal, the team won six conference games in five years. That record makes Walt Harris look like Bobby Bowden. Then, he takes a job at BYU because their teams have predominantly white athletes, so their chances of winning are very slim. Amazingly, this year BYU behind the Great White Hope, Jimmer Fredette, was a top-5 team in the nation. That was way too high of a ranking for Holmoe, so he intervened, backed Davies’ suspension and ensured BYU would go back to losing. Holmoe and others have defended the decision by saying you must uphold the code for everyone no matter if they are a sports star or not. True, if this was the 17th century and we just landed at Plymouth Rock. When Davies signed that piece of paper, there was no way he could have ever thought this would actually be so strictly enforced. You are telling me Jimmer Fredette is not banging some Cougar as I write this? No, Holmoe needed a scapegoat and a reason to crush the team’s dreams, so Davies mistake was that he did not wrap it up and left proof (side-note: Many Mormon basketball fans have become Pro-Choice in response to these events). Or was his mistake that he was the team’s best black player? According to Amare Stoudemire’s twitter, “Don’t ever go to BYU, they kick a Young Educated (Black)Brother OUT OF SCHOOL. The kid had premarital sex. Not suspended, Not Release. Wow!” There you have it. Not only does Tom Holmoe hate to win, he hates black people. Therefore, this year’s NCAA tournament will be a success if BYU gets booted faster than they booted Davies.


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