Get Your Lax Sticks Out This Weekend, It’s Time to Chay

Posted on March 8, 2011 by


Tough weekend for Bay Area Lax. It started out promising as Rob Emery introduced himself to the nation by ripping top cheese in the first quarter of UVA’s showdown with Syracuse. Unfortunately, that was the theme of the weekend as all the Players to Watch scored g’s, but could not record w’s. Parker Brown had two goals in Brown’s 9-6 loss to UMass and Roy Lang added a goal and an assist in a tough loss to Army. Even more disheartening was Saint Ignatius’ 11-10 overtime loss to San Ramon Valley. Teams do not beat SI two years in a row and especially not on the Murph. However, it happened and it is time to move forward. SI will have a chance at redemption as they head to Texas in a few weeks for the Jesuit Classic, a tournament that showcases some of the best lacrosse talent from across the nation.

For the college laxers, this weekend is huge. Lang vs. Emery this Saturday in Baltimore at the Ravens stadium at 1:30 pm eastern. So, at the very least, one of these West Coast laxers will bring home a win for their respective squads. Either way, all Bay Area fans should show their support and appreciate how far West Coast lax has come in recent years.

Finally, NESCAC opens its season this weekend and the game of the week is Trinity College at Conn College at 1pm. Trinity captain, Brendan Newland, not only guaranteed a keg to be provided for all tailgaters, but he also guaranteed a win. Trinity College is looking to rebound from a disappointing year and under a new head coach they very well may. In their new up-tempo offensive paced by midfielder Max Alderman, attackmen Jeff Herbert and Greg Brennan, Trinity looks to blitz teams like Lawrence Taylor and rip twine all day everyday. This Saturday, we will see how far they have come from their 2010 campaign.

(A Blast from the Past to Get Everyone Excited for LAX this weekend)