2011 SF Giants Season Outlook

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With opening day of the MLB less than a month away, 756sports wanted to give you five reasons to get excited right now for your defending World Series Champions, the San Francisco Giants and their upcoming 2011 journey.

5. Bros being Bros: In the offseason, the Giants were able to resign Aubrey Huff (2 years, 22 million) and Pat the Bat Burrell (1 year, 1 million). Last year these guys were awesome clubhouse leaders and the two wiley vets that kept the team’s moral and mood in check. Huff had the rally thong and Burrell is the machine. During the playoff run, SF natives could see these two bros out on the town, roasting down cigs, and pounding brews. Their offseason workouts included pickup ball at the O-Club and picking up chicks at Zito’s mansion. These guys know how to win over the fun-loving SF Giants fans and for that we say, cheers!

4. Brandon Belt: This kid is going to be great. He combined to hit .352 with 23 HRs and 112 RBIs last year in the minors. He has been on a tear during Spring Training with the big boys and 756sports is looking for him to keep it up. Whether he makes the opening day roster or is brought up later on (think Buster Posey), I see this kid making a great transition to the majors. I trust Bochy with whatever decision he makes and I CAN’T WAIT to see Belt emerge as our go-to-guy at first over the next two seasons.

3. Slim-Fu Panda: Pablo Sandoval has apparently dropped close to 45 pounds during the offseason and has been hitting like a beast so far this spring. I am excited to see what he can do this season. If he hits like he did in 2009, the Giants will be rolling. His hitting could be the big addition to last year’s World Series and could put us in great position for defending our title. How did he do it? He worked out with the legend himself, Barry Bonds. Not only did Barry’s personal trainer help Panda shed pounds, but Barry has been helping with his plate discipline. This is good to hear, as Panda was known for chasing pitches, while Barry had one of the best eyes in the league during his illustrious career.

2. Pitching Staff: 1. Timmy, 2. Sanchez, 3. Cain, 4. Zito, 5. Bumgarner…This is new rotation as Jonathan Sanchez and Barry Zito switched places in the rotation. This starting five is the best in the league (Fuck you Philly) and will continue its dominance over opposing batters this year. I expect Cy Young stuff from Timmy Lincecum and Matt Cain and hope one of our horses can win the trophy. Our bullpen is looking solid as we retained our guys from last year and have added Jeff Suppan to our long relief. Closer Brian Wilson and lefty specialist Javier Lopez are expected to lead the late inning work. I am very excited to see what our staff can do this year after leading us to an 11-4 playoff record and the World Series trophy.

1. Buster Posey: Sophomoe slump? I think not. As of right now, Posey is hitting .529 (2 HRs, 7 RBIs) in spring training and is absolutely crushing the ball. His compact swing has reminded many of Will Clark and I do not think Posey’s numbers will dip in his second season. The Rookie of the Year led our team last year with his timely hits and great defense. I expect the same from him this year as he will most likely hit clean-up for the Giants. I expect his HR total to go up from last year (18) and hopeuflly he can turn into a 20 HRs, 80 RBIs guy for our lineup.

756sports hopes this brief reminder of how good the Giants are going to be got you excited for Opening Day. If it didn’t than the reminder that we’re playing LA should. Check back for more updates and all the news here at 756sports!

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