49ers and the CBA.

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With the NFL collective bargaining agreement proving to be a real issue, 756sports wanted to express 3 major concerns that 49ers fans should have…

1. New Coaching Staff: With the addition of new head coach Jim Harbaugh and the team that he brought with him from Stanford, the 49ers have a new cast in charge of bringing us back to the promise land. With a new staff comes a new playbook and other tendencies that a team like the 49ers would like to get familiar with over the offseason. An inability to come to agreement between NFL owners and the players union will keep our guys out of the 49ers practice facilities. Not only is this alarming for cohesion purposes, but we worry about players like Michael Crabtree who may just see it as time to relax. We need our guys working hard to get better and be able to understand the new concepts for us to be successful in 2011.

2. Quarterback Carousel: Who will be the starting QB for the 49ers in September? Harbaugh has been talking up Alex Smith and contract talks have been floating around the air. Without a new CBA, the 49ers will not be able to sign or trade for the various targets that around the league (Palmer, Kolb, McNabb, VY). Instead we will have to draft without knowing our QB situation, which puts us in a very sticky situation. More QB worries is the last thing the 49er Faithful need going into another season.

3. WINS AND LOSSES: We were a pathetic 6-10 last year!! Singletary wanted winners, but didn’t get the job done. For us to get back on the winning track and start resurrecting the days of NFC dominance, we need to be able to work hard, be efficient, and feel out the new coaching staff. The labor talks better start turning around, or else we could be in store for yet another rough season in 2011.

-hutch, don

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