If the Slipper Fits…

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You know March Madness is almost here when you can hear the sound of ankles breaking through your television. Today, Kemba Walker blew up some speakers across the nation as he shattered McGhee’s ankles/pride worse than Chara broke Pacioretty’s neck (Canadien police are trying to charge Chara with a crime, because let’s face it, a rough hit in hockey is the only major news up north-http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2011/hockey/nhl/03/10/chara.pacioretty.ap/index.html?eref=sihp )

That game-winning shot by Kemba Walker was absolutely cold-blooded. Lebron James and the Heat could take a lesson from that. He did not just win the game. He sent McGhee and company home with such horrid memories that they will be begging to have Freddy Krueger control their dreams tonight rather than think about that play. I could spend the rest of this article talking about how dirt nasty that play was but it was only the quarterfinals of the Big East tournament and there are bigger things to focus on.

Harvard, led by the 415’s own Oliver McNally, plays for an NCAA bid this Saturday at 4pm e.s.t against Princeton. If they win this game like they should, look for this team to make some noise in the post-season. The IVY league has a history of showing that fundamental basketball still has a place in Division-1. In the 90’s, it was Princeton who treated teams like porn stars as they back-doored them all over the court. Last year, Cornell used great senior leadership to make a run to the Sweet-16 and this year look for Harvard to be the Belle of the Ball. The possible 2011 Cinderellas have a 25-5 record and have quality wins over Boston College and Colorado. Plus, they are used to pressure. Taking a Bio-Chemical exam or whatever nerd subjects they teach at Harvard is way harder than blocking a Jared Sullinger shot. This tournament is a vacation for them, so look for Harvard to be relaxed and McNally to pull off his best Kemba Walker impersonation.

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