The Dubs : Truth Hurts

Posted on March 16, 2011 by


“The Warriors will host the Mavericks tonight on the first-ever Bollywood Night at Oracle Arena. Fans will receive a ‘Got Curry?’ T-shirt and can attend a post-game event featuring Stephen Curry, Anoop Desai, Vice Chairman of GSW Sports LLC Vivek Ranadivé and more. Those watching from home can catch the game on ESPN or CSN Bay Area. Full game preview and details” – Warriors Facebook Page

You kidding me Warriors? Bollywood Night? This is the sole reason i think why we are always so bad each year. I don’t know much about basketball overall and couldn’t even make the A team in middle school, but we don’t carry ourselves like a championship association or franchise in the slightest. Like for my entire life we have been the worst team in the league on defense, why can’t you notice something like that and maybe make a change? If there was one year we were good on defense then you could argue that there was a time. But we are always a run and gun team, throwing up threes, zero low post game and defense the last priority. Warriors fans always like to say how dope Curry and Ellis are and how the Dubs can put up 110 on any team etc etc etc. But if you aren’t winning, and haven’t been winning, with our only playoff success was beating a Dallas Mavs team that hasn’t ever one a championship and always folds during playoff time, that might make some of my friends mad but think about it. We are horrible, been horrible, wake up Warrior fans and management, make a change now or forever be defined by our history.


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