The Cream and the Clear of It All

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The perjury trial that most thought would never actually go to court is currently going on and Bonds is under heavy fire. The prosecution is trying to prove that Bonds knowingly used steriods and purposely lied to the Supreme Court about it. As a Giants fan, admitting that Bonds is guilty is like the black community admitting that OJ really did it: It just will not happen. However, the evidence against Bonds is starting to pile high. Yesterday, the Giambi brothers and Marvin Bernard testified about their experiences with Bonds’ longtime friend and known steriods dealer, Greg Anderson. All three of them described how they were introduced to Anderson through Bonds and how Anderson hooked them up with PEDs that he said were “alternative to steriods.” The testimonies hurt Bonds’ case because it further demonstrated how unlikely it was that all these players gained steriods from Anderson and Bonds remained ignorant about it all. Fortunately for Barry, none of the players said anything about Bonds’ involvement in steriods as they only talked about their personal experiences with Anderson. In contrast, on Tuesday, Barry Bonds’ former mistress, Kimberly Bell, had no qualms about discussing personal details of Bonds and steriod abuse. As the State’s star witness, Ms. Bell did not disappoint. For four hours, she endured heavy artillery from one of the nation’s top attorneys, Cristina Arguedas, and according to the observers of the trial, she came out on top. Nevertheless, her credibility is so-so at best as she is a former mistress who is bitter now that she has been booted off the Barry Bonds’ money train. Her statements about Bonds’ physical changes may have the ring of truth to them, but the fact that Bonds told her specific details about his steriod use seems absurd. The biggest star in baseball would risk his legacy by telling his mistress who was not allowed to go into certain cities because they were “wife cities,” about his prized steriod use? Bonds may have gone to Junipero Serra high school, but he is not that dumb.


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