Giants 0 vs Dodgers 1

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1st Inning
-timmy fastball 94 1st inning, higher velocity than last year, good sign
-kershaw dealing, placing fastball, slider is filth.
-3 Ks for kershaw
2nd Inning
-belt running out 1st AB, faced Kershaw in highschool, one AB, beat out a ground aswell
-“240lbs or fresno” Giants Mgmt to Pablo
a. never lifed a weight till this offseason supposively …Is that a joke?
-posey passed ball? Wtf (when didn’t timmy just go out there and calm him down, calm it down)
– I have noticed we are using all of the same catcher to pitcher signs (fastball, changeup, curverball, etc etc) Even showing the same signs with guys on second
3 Inning
– Top : Kershaw still dominant, looking better than Timmy at this point, placing fastballs, slider/curve is working, 3 and out
Bottom -Timmy fires a fastball to 1st on a inside bunt. Impressive Def Play.
-Then follows it up with a knee bender curve to tony gwyn jr, then hits a misplaced fastball next pitch and gets to 2nd on aggressive base running.
-Timmy finally takes a step off the mound and show to 2nd, he should have done this half an inning ago
-Goes to 3-0 with Kemp and just throws one outside. I understand it, I would have done the same thing. Just go to work on the next AB, throw early strikes, think fastball change up combo, ground ball
-Starts with changeup, like it. Groundball to short on fastball outside. Timmy gets out alive again.
Score – 0-0
Top 4th
-Aubrey Huff, first pitch fastball, deep fly ball to wall, Out
-Posey K, Kershaw is dealing…
– Burrell K, Same dance same story, Kershaw dealing
Bottom 4
-Uribe, deep to center Out, does his lil uribe bat flip and then it’s a fly out, same ol fuckin uribe.
– K, Timmy…Changeup filth
– Flash stat that Tim Lincecum has had the most strkeouts in 4 years for any pitcher in MLB history, impressive, 2 cys and 1 ws title in 3 years aswell
-Carroll groundout, Timmy getting it done
Top 5: Thoughts so far : Loving this typical NL west game, there is something that is so much better about the NL to me, then combine it with the west division, pitching is supreme, strategy is of the upmost importance, “torture” is just NL west baseball, gotta love it
– Belt goes deep with Kershaw 3-2 count. Cant even think bout all the battles they will have in the future. Belt draws walk. OPS -1.00
– Pablo, duck snort to right field, unbelievable hit on a ball basically in the dirt, still free swinging as ever, impressive hit but still worrying…lost weight but hasn’t lost that nasty free swinging habit
– Lincecum : bunts, beats out the double play, real close play, love Sandoval going in hard, fuck LA.
– Torres : Situation Update, Runners on Corners, 2 outs. grounder to deep short, Lincecum throw out at 2nd.
Bottom 5: Zito was in a carcrash…. Totally DWI, In hollywood last night aka in the AM. Impressive.
– 3 and Out. Timmy dealing. NL west ball, loving it
Top 6 – Freddy with a slapper to the right OF, base knock.
– Double play, breaking ball, fak
– Posey, great approach to the plate, base knocka up the middle
– Pat Burrell, 1st pitch fastball, pop up in the infield, cmon man
Bottom 6: – Timmy locating that inside fastball on two straight strikes, so timmy, K Either
– Fucking Tejada, know this shit would bit us in the ass ER ball into short right, Runners on corners, 1 out, 0-0 game
– Timmy throws inside to uribe, backing him off the plate hits him on the elbow, complete anger hit on purpose, bases loaded 1 out, getting sketchy
– Rod Barjas, swings threw pitch, quick throw from posey to third error on posey, into short left field, runner on third scores, runners advance on 2nd and 3rd. 1-0 LA
– On replay, Pablo called for quick to third, his Error not timmy’s in reality
– Pablo makes unreal catch at third, saves runs, 2 outs, SLIM panda
– Intentional walk to get to Kershaw, bases juiced, 2 outs
– Slow roller to 1st, End of Inning. 1-0 LA
Top 7: Offense please? Showing of SF bench explains the past play in more detail, kind of timmy’s fault, but Sandoval didn’t need to call it.
– Out..kershaw…
– Belt – K, good AB at least…
– Panda – Fly out
– Kershaw just dealing.. I feared this
Bottom 7: Javey Lopez, Cassila warming up
-Pop up, out
-Just noticed the World Series patch on the right arm, Love it
-Changeup is still looking filthy, should be 0-0 game, we need the bats to come alive
-Timmy at 101 pitches thrown, 0 ER, 3-2 count , 2 outs
-Fouls off a filthy changeup. 3-2
-Hard bouncer off Belt’s chest to Lincecum covering 1st. Out of inning. Offense…please
Top 8:Hong Chih Kuo pitching change, good Asian pitcher
– Mark Derosa draws walk, Nate pinch runs, ehhh I guess bochy…
-Torres battling, loving it.
-Nate playing games out on 1st, that’s why he is on this team
-Torres making a war of it. 12 pitch at AB (nate has to go at this point cmon flannery)
-Fly out to right, worst type of out
-Sanchez Ks. Tough AB
-Huff first pitch fly ball to center. Cmon man
Botttom 8:
-Notice LA is still playing Journey’s can’t stop believing in their 8th innings. Cmon guys… like after last year… do you live under a rock?
-Cassila Walk
– first pitch in dirt run on first pitch, cmon Cassila
-runner on 2nd, 0 uut
-RBI double Loney, 2-0 Dodgers.
-Uribe rips a foul ball down left field line, flipping his bat still like he is some all star
– K Uribe
– Fly Out
Top 9: Do Or Die
-Posey : Loney great knock down at 1st, flip to Broxton, 1st Out
– Pat the Bat : HR, WHAT A BRO
-Tejada – Out, typical
– Belt : Wow what a huge AB for this youngster, Battling like a man, Broxton vs Belt, marque matchup for years to come, Fastball, breaking ball, again breaking ball, again BB, again BB, fastball foul, fastball out to Uribe

W: Kershaw
L: Lincecum


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