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Well, that loss was the Giants first and last of the season…April Fool’s. The Giants will lose a few more games this year, but there were signs from last night that they will win a lot more than they will lose.

What we learned:

-The Freak is a freak: Last night, we witnessed a very matured and experienced Timmy. He proved why he is the ace of one of the best rotations in the league as he went seven strong innings, battling against the Dodgers’ phenom, Clayton Kershaw as well as his own defense. If the Giants could only give him some support, then Timmy would probably be 1-0 instead of 0-1.

-Tejada is Old: Like many Giants fans, I thought the Tejada signing was a terrible decision; however, I desperately hoped that he would prove Sabean a genius. So far, he has not. Tejada followed an anemic Spring Training with a forgettable Giants debut. He went 0-4 and made a disastrous error that helped the Dodgers take the lead in the 7th inning. The glass half full part of me says it is a long season and he will find his stride. The glass half empty a.k.a. the more realistic side of me says that the Giants’ scouts better be searching around the league for a shortstop to trade for come July.

-Brandon Belt is the Truth: The Giants’ Great White Hype showed why Sabean and Bochy decided to add him to the Opening Day roster. Going 1-3 with a walk, Belt was one of the few bright spots in an otherwise miserable offensive outing for the Giants.

-Buster Posey is Human: The NL rookie of the year has quickly become a living legend in SF, but fans still have to remember that this was his MLB Opening Day debut. He is young and will experience some struggles in his career, so do not panic over the fact that he struck out twice yesterday. He will have a monster season, but every once in awhile he may swing and miss at a couple of pitches.

-Slim Panda: Pablo Sandoval is poised to break out this year. He only had a bloop single last night, but his bat speed appears so much quicker than last year and his mobility has greatly improved. Right now, he seems to be pressing a little bit at the plate, but once he starts to get a few hits, his confidence will return and he will be much more relaxed at the plate.

-Giants and Dodger Fans Hate Each Other: The Giants vs. Dodgers games always involve numerous fights in the stands and every game in LA ends up with a Giants fan being seriously injured in the parking lot. Last night was no exception as a Giants fan was sent to the hospital in critical condition after an altercation with three Dodgers fans. We just hope that he has a swift recovery and that this part of the rivalry will end.

Finally, according to SFGate.com, Barry Zito’s neck and back remained sore a day after his Bentley was broadsided on the passenger side by a red-light runner in nearby West Hollywood on Wednesday night, but manager Bruce Bochy said Zito is confident he can make his scheduled start here Sunday. It may be awful to say, but I am sure I am not the only Giants fan that wished Zito was not more seriously injured. A golden opportunity to escape from Zito’s monstrous contract was foiled. Couldn’t he at least have been drunk or had weed in his car or anything that would have voided his contract? Oh well, the beauty of Opening Day is that anything is possible, so there is a chance Zito will rebound and finally start earning his money…April Fool’s.

The FYSU banner providing one of the few highlights from yesterday:


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