Warriors Update

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So as you know Hutch and I have stopped doing game previews and recaps for the Warriors on 756 sports. Even though I know some of you are sad, I know others could care less and are happy they do not have to read more negative news about the Warriors. But for the fans who expect a preview and recap for every game, I am truly sorry that the Warriors have been so uninspiring that it’s made Hutch and I not even want to take our time to do them. But After losing 5 straight to move us to 30-41 on the season, we are officially out of the playoff race. For warrior fans, this is a familiar place for us. We all know what we want the Warriors to do…..

LOSE, LOSE, LOSE: It is officially time to start tanking Warriors. I am tired of continually getting the 10th, 11th, and 12th picks. Let’s start playing Acie Law, Lou Amundson, Charlie Bell, and the rest of the gang. It’s time for Monta to pull a Shaq and shut it down for the year because of an “injury.”Although this is one of the weakest drafts in years, it would be great to get a Derrick Williams from Arizona or Enes Kanter from Kentucky. Obviously Warrior nation would have Jimmer fever if we drafted him, but he is the LAST thing need. I’m all about white basketball players, but I wish Jimmer was 6’10 so we could have a reason to draft him. Random Thought:As much as I love Udoh, part of me thinks that we made a terrible mistake not drafting Greg Monroe. He is a legit back to the basket center that rebounds. Although Udoh is a much better shot blocker, Monroe’s big body clogs the lane and would have made the Warriors much larger. I still believe in Udoh and think he’ll be better in the long run, but I hope I’m not wrong. Check in for the Warriors biggest draft mishaps in the upcoming week.


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