Baby Mama Drama

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Jason Richardson will always be remembered for being the heart and soul of the Warriors. In an era where we saw Warrior draft picks either not care, not live up to their potential, or be marginal to only contribute and be an all-star on some ther team, Jason Richardson was the Warriors constant. He improved his scoring average each of his first five years on the Warriors. An abysmal 3 point shooter in his first couple years, J-Rich has become one of the best 3-point shooters in the game. He should have won the slam dunk championship 3 times in a row but was robbed even though he had the most underrated dunk in history.


And Warrior fans will never forget when J-Rich took 100 G’s out of his own pocket to take out an ad and apologize to fans about the team missing the playoffs during the 2005-2006 season.

And every time he had a breakaway he always gave the fans a vicious dunk. .


It pains me to write this article because if involves Steve Nash and J-Rich, two of my favorite players in the game. Let’s just say Jason Richardson pulled a Tony Parker.

So if you haven’t heard, Steve Nash divorced his wife Alejandra Amarilla several months ago after she conceived his”baby.” But with more and more sources confirming the story, Nash divorced his wife because she gave birth to a black baby. That baby’s father is believed to be Jason Richardson. This is part of the reason why J-Rich was sent to Orlando at the deadline. Check out the article below.

Damn… J-Rich gets it in…


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