College Football’s Best Entrances / Fan Traditions

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I love college football for multiple reasons, the noise, the passion, the rowdiness, which all equals to an amazing atmosphere that NFL football really lacks. Here is my rundown of the best entrances and fan traditions :

1. Virginia Tech : Entrance to Enter Sandman

– Nothing tops this in my opinion. 35,000 college students jumping and going mental to Metallica’s “Enter Sandman”… if that doesn’t pump you up as a player nothing will. Also love how Beamer leads the team out  with his usual scowl on his face.

2.  University of Wisconsin : “The Jump Around”

-Close 2nd. They play this at the end of every 3rd quarter right before the 4th starts and is a great idea to get the crowd energized. Looks like one of the most fun activities I could ever think of

3. Clemson Football : Howard’s Rock

-Video is self explanatory.

4. FSU : Chief Osceola

-This tradition is so unique and awesome because of many reasons. Before each game an actual Seminole who is portrayed as Chief Osceola, “the greatest Seminole warrior of the past”, comes out to midfield riding a horse and throws a flaming spear into the middle of the Seminole logo. Talk about intimidating.

5. University of Miami : Smoke Entrance

-In today’s sports world entering a playing field using smoke is not such an unheard of thing. But the U created this tradition back in the 80’s when they became the bad boys of college ball. Anyone who has seen the best ESPN 30 for 30 “The U” ( In my opinion) knows how those players would just walk out and get ready to dominate, talk trash, and dance all over their opponents. They used fire extinguishers instead of smoke screens back then and still do to this day.


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