Back on Top: W’s and Bants Reclaim Their Territory

Posted on April 7, 2011 by


The Warriors have been tormented, humiliated and torn apart by the LA Lakers for years and last night the W’s had had enough. They came back from a double digit first quarter deficit to end their 12 game losing streak against their SoCal counterparts. This win marked their third straight (all against playoff teams) and was another stellar defensive performance, holding the Lakers to under 90 points and only 17 in the third quarter. Monta Ellis was spectacular again with one highlight reel driving lay-up after another and David Lee played like the David Lee of 2010 with 22 points and 17 rebounds. One win against the Lakers does not mean the Warriors are now the dominant team in California or even playoff bound but it is a great indicator for the future. The Lakers go as Kobe goes and the Black Mamba is aging, while the solid core of Curry, Lee and Ellis are on the rise. With the emergence of Udoh and a solid draft pick this year, the Warriors fortunes will continue to improve in the post-Cohan era. Plus, this game shows that if the Warriors play defense and play without Biedrins, then they will always have a tremendous opportunity to match-up with the best teams in the league.

The other squad to take back their land was the 756sports team of the year, Trinity College Men’s lax, as they ended a 13-game losing streak to in-state rival, Wesleyan University. Senior attackman, Greg Brennan, extended Trinity’s perfect season with a man-up goal in the final minute to break up the 6-6 tie and send the Bants home victorious. Trinity won this game by physically dominating a soft Wesleyan Cardinal team. They outhit, outhustled and outfought the #18 team in the nation, setting up a huge showdown against the #1 team in the nation this Saturday. The undefeated Trinity Bantams will host the undefeated and defending national champions, Tufts Jumbos, in one of the biggest games in program history.

Keys to the Upset:

– Off Ball Defense: Strong D-middies have prevented opponents from running free to the cage, but Tufts does a good job of dodging, reversing the ball and getting shooters open on the backside to rip twine. Therefore, Trinity D has to be sure to communicate and stay alert all 60 minutes.

-Hustle: Trinity has won many close games this year due to their ability to outwork their opponents. That trend must continue this Saturday as the face-off, the groundball and the hitting battle must be won by the Bants.

Tufts= bunch of nerds, Trinity= rich, preppy ragoholics, so Undefeated swagger + Home Crowd advantage will send the Jumbos running back scared to the Medford Library