Giants Rebound Thanks To Freak & Bats

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Today was a perfect example of the Giant’s formula to win. Of course putting up 8 runs before the 5th inning is most likely always going to give you a W, especially with our outstanding rotation, but giving our starters early leads and playing good D is what this Giants team is built for. Watching today’s game brought me back to how we played in those late months of last year. We had that 2010 swagger back today, with Timmy hurling 13Ks and the timely bats and big knocks. Whenever Timmy pitches I love to see how he goes about approaching each lineup…

-check out the knee socks, loving it

Is he gonna throw the hard heat round 95 and the change? Or work the 92 2seamer on the corners, change, and mixing in his arsenal of pitches (curve, slider, back up slider he likes to throw out over the plate, seen a splitter once ever blue moon a swell). I love when he sticks with the first strategy i mentioned aka the Strikeout mode. Looking for the K at every at bat, pounding the fastball in the strike zone early to get ahead of counts then finishing up with the deadly “freaky” changeup as I like to call it and making batters look like fools. He likes to get in a rhythm early, almost seemingly speeding up his time between pitches to catch hitters off guard. Drawbacks are that sometimes people can take him deep like Hundley did today, but his stuff is so deadly that he more times than not rarely gets hits hard. The beard was back today as well and he was clearly  just trying to get the rust out of his arm a little bit and the ER that he picked up was really Pablo’s fault with the throwing error to 1st. Overall I loved what I saw with the G-Men today (except that 9th inning )and am looking forward to the opening day series for our ballpark and all the ceremonies that will transpire, should be something special.


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