Warriors 3 Game Winning Streak

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In a league where players, coaches, and team strategies change drastically from year to year, it is crazy how the Warriors tend to do the same things regardless of changes.

The Warriors current three game winning streak has been very impressive. Quality wins over Dallas, Portland, and LA have been crucial to playoff positioning in the Western Conference. The Dubs have done a great job playing spoiler. However, as die hard Warrior fans know, WE DO THIS EVERY YEAR!!! It seems that when the Warriors get knocked out of playoff contention, they start winning games against quality opponents because they have no expectations and nothing to lose. Although I wanted the Warriors to start losing to get more ping pong balls for the lottery, I am not concerned anymore because this is projected to be the worst NBA draft class in the past 20 years. Like Herm Edwards said, YOU PLAY TO WIN THE GAME!

All jokes aside, there have been several things that I have noticed about our team in these past games:

1. The Highest Scoring Back-Court in the League

Every time the Warriors play on National TV, the broadcasters talk about how Monta and Steph are the highest scoring back-court in the league. What they don’t tell the audience is how rare it is for Steph and Monta to have dominant performances during the same game. Monta and Steph looked great together against Portland and LA.. They looked real comfortable on the court and seem to be establishing better chemistry during these last games of the season. When Monta and Steph both have dominating performances, it is real hard to beat the Warriors. Let’s hope that this chemistry keeps building for next season.

2. Digital Lee

29 and 20 against Portland and then 22 and 17 against the Lakers?! A dominant PF?! That’s what 80 million dollars is supposed to get! I know a lot of people disagree with how much money the Warriors paid Lee because it could hinder our future and others think he simply is not worth 80 million. However, David Lee has brought a winning attitude and veteran leadership to a team in dyer need of one. If you take out the stretch where he had to play with an infected elbow, Dlee’s statistics are in par with what the were last year with the Knicks. I’m very excited for him to be one of the franchise’s cornerstones for the next few years, but the Warriors really need to get a center that mixes well with Lee and hides his defensive inefficiencies. Keep putting up those beastmode numbers Lee!

3. Dorell Wright’s Slump

Let’s give it up for Dorell for setting the Warriors franchise record for 3 pointers made with 184, breaking Jason Richardson’s mark of 183. However, Dorell has been in a funk lately. Making 4 of his last 21 3 pointers and finishing with point totals of 13, 4, and 10 is not acceptable. He’s taking the same shots he has taken all year, he’s just not hitting them. I wanna see Dorell finish on a hot streak so he can make his record harder to reach for future Warriors.

Look forward to a lot of analysis about the Warriors past season and NBA draft coverage from us in the next couple weeks.


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