A Giant Class Act

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The San Francisco Giants lost to the LA Dodgers last night, 6-1. The defending World Series champs did not perform well and their current defensive woes were on display yet again. The 6-1 defeat was not the headline of last night home game as the Giants showed up big in a completely different way.

Before the game, the Giants organization decided to hold a brief ceremony that was dedicated to Bryan Stowe, a Giants fan that is in a coma after being attacked on Opening Day in LA. The two rivals grouped together in the infield and had player representatives (Jeremy Affeldt, Jamey Carroll) speak to the crowd and plead for a unification of fans.

Affeldt spoke like a pro as he urged the crowd to treat the game, the rivalry and the dedication to Stowe with respect and dignity. It was an amazing, heartfelt, classy act on behalf of the two teams and much needed during a time where the rivalry is turning sour. The tragedy sparked a hatred between Giants and Dodgers fans and it is something that needs to be thrown away.

I am very proud of what the Giants organization did and we all need to remember that this great rivalry is all part of the game of baseball, not about the opposing fans sporting Orange and Black or Dodger Blue. Affeldt reminded fans of this notion by stating: 

“I don’t have to tell you about the Dodgers-Giants, it’s one of the most storied rivalries in the history of the game but in honoring that rivalry and honoring the Stow family, you have to remember when these two teams get on the field and play, we’re competitive, but when the last out is made, that rivalry ends on the field, so please respect that.”

Big ups to the Giants and Dodgers. Big ups to Jeremy Affeldt. Now let’s go play some baseball.

The 756Sports crew offers their sincere condolences to the entire Stowe family


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