Heat-Sixers Preview

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In the first round of the NBA Playoffs, the Miami Heatles (57-24 before tonight’s game) take on the surprisingly talented Philadelphia Sixers (41-40). The most hated team in America has coasted through the end of the season and locked down the Eastern Conference 2-seed. The three-headed monster will most likely have an easy time beating up on the lowly Sixers, but I hope that Philly can put up some type of fight to tire the Heat for their potential second round matchup against the Celtics of the Knicks.



Heat–>Mike Bibby, Dwyane Wade, Lebron James, Chris Bosh, Zydrunas Ilgauskas.

76ers–>Jrue Holiday, Jodie Meeks, Andre Iguodala, Elton Brand, Spencer Hawes.

The Edge: Miami takes it by a long shot. The South Beach trio tampered their way to this dream years ago and now it is time to see what they are really all about. Wade and James have had monster seasons, but Chris Bosh is soft. The Heat are lacking at the PG and C positions and I truly think this will hurt them in the second round. The 76ers are led by Elton Brand’s low-post scoring (15.1 ppg, 8.4 rpg) and the wingplay ability of Andre Iguodala (14ppg, 5rpg, 6apg, 33.7% 3pt). Lou Williams could also make a return from injury for Philly and join the starting lineup over G Jodie Meeks.


Heat–>Eddie House, Mario Chalmers, Mike Miller, James Jones.

76ers–>Lou Williams, Evan Turner, Thaddeus Young

The Edge: 76ers. The Heat’s bench is pointless because they aren’t supposed to shoot. A lot of good shooters on Miami’s bench, but the top contributor (Chalmers) is averaging a measly 6.4 ppg. Everyone knows that Lebron, D-Wade, and Softy are going to take the majority of the shots so there is no point in talking up their bench. The 76ers bench will actually be utilized and I hope to see Evan Turner bring some game and make some strides into becoming a good NBA player.

Star Power:

D-Wade vs. Lebron James

Everyone knows this series is going to be about who takes over for the Heat in the playoffs and in crunch time. Is it Dwyane’s team or Lebron’s? I hope to see a game or two go down to the wire and see which one of these stars takes the last shot. Each guy is a triple-double threat every time they step on the court and my prediction is that Lebron will be the facilitator, but it is D-Wade’s time to be clutch…then again, Eddie House has the biggest balls on the team.


Miami Heat in 4. They have too much talent and too much riding on this entire playoffs to take their foot off the pedal. They will burn rubber in Miami and pull out the wins in Philly, but I expect a second round exit from the Heat.


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