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San Francisco fans love to to hate LA. But why? Why do we love to yell BEAT LA until our voices are gone? Why do we gain so much pleasure in October when the Dodgers fail to make the playoffs yet again? What makes us so vengeful towards that city that we send our smog down to them? I tried to figure out exactly why and although there are numerous reasons, here are 5:

5. Luke Walton- The fact that this city keeps this man employed is outrageous. I understand that NBA teams want to have at least one white dude on their team, but Luke Walton just epitomizes why white men can’t jump. When Laker fans see him go into the game, they say to themselves, “Damn, I wish we had Scalabrine.” Even his dad has to take an insane amount of acid to say positive things about him when he announces the games. With the vast unemployment rate in our economy, let’s give some jobs to people who deserve them.

4. The Rally Monkey- Fortunately, the Giants exorcised the demons from 2002 with their 2010 World Championship, or I may have had to put this as the number one reason why we hate LA. Nothing was more annoying than watching Angel fans bow down to a little monkey like it was Jesus resurrected. To add insult to injury, the Angel fans combined the rally monkey with the ear-numbing banging of the thunder sticks. When 40,000 bandwagon fans from the Hills come together to act like they care, this cacophony of cheers is what results.

3. Tommy Lasorda- The biggest villain in Giants baseball history. To this day, he still takes time to hate on the Giants. When the Giants won the World Series, he said, “It took them 50 years. It will take 50 more.” Thanks Lasorda for that and for being a homophobic, sell out as well.

2. Frank McCourt- The Dodgers owner is shameless. When he went through his divorce, he allowed the Dodgers organization to be his personal piggy bank. He said he was focused on winning games, but in reality he was more concerned about his own personal finances and did not have a care for the organization. Usually, I would honor this man for screwing over the Dodger faithful, but his inability to protect fans led to the Bryan Stow incident. For years, there have been pleas to tighten security at Chavez Ravine and he did nothing about it. Can’t support a man like this, all you can do is hate him.

1. Genetics- Like Dodger fans claim they bleed blue, Giants fans have been naturally selected to root against anything LA. It is the survival of the fittest and SF will always believe that we are better than LA. Therefore, Bay Area fans have a phenomenal time this week watching the Giants beat the Dodgers and the Sharks dominate the Kings.


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