Brian Wilson: We Salute You

Posted on April 22, 2011 by


Brian Wilson has won over the hearts of not only Giants fans, but people all over the nation. Last week, Deadspin leaked pictures via a tipster from Wilson’s 80s-themed 29th birthday party that he celebrated during spring training in Scottsdale, Arizona.  Hats off to Nick the tipster for disclosing the pics but keeping his mouth shut about Wilson’s escapades. He had this to say to Deadspin…

These were from his 29th B-Day party here in Scottsdale, before the Giants broke camp. I got stories too, but seeing as he’s about the coolest motherfucker I’ve met, I’ll pass.

Whether it’s raging with Charlie Sheen, dressing up as a pirate on the George Lopez Show, lip-syncing Dynamite with Keenan Cahill or starring in your next favorite commercial, he is always having a good time and reminding us that even ballplayers can have fun.

Not only is he the “coolest motherfucker” out there, but he is one of the best closers in the MLB right now. He had 48 saves during San Francisco’s magical run last season and continues to improve. It has been released recently that Wilson has added a fourth pitch to his repertoire. The pitch is a filthy two-seam fastball that breaks in on rightys, making it impossible to hit. With the addition of this pitch, I fully expect Wilson to dominate the 9th all year long and get the Giants into the postseason.

756sports invites you to raise your beers or whatever you may have in your hand and salute Brian Wilson, a truly unique athlete.


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