Sharks Beat LA in 6 Games

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Whew…. I was about to have a heart attack at the end of that 3rd period with the 5 min major penalty we had to kill. This series brought me back to last October watching the Giants, pacing around the room, sweating profusely, swearing loudly, and on the verge of a nervous breakdown. But we got it done and that’s all that matters for the Sharks… staying healthy, playing well, and MOVING ON.  This series for most people was a lot closer and stressful than first perceived, however, I knew the Kings were going to give us trouble and they are a team we are definitely going to have to deal with in the future. We were incredibly lucky to have their best player, Anze Kopitar, out with injury during the series. If he was out there on the ice this past week, things could have ended up very differently and it could have been another early exit for the Sharks. Kid is filthy

Moving forward, we need to figure out our goalie situation…. Neimi played alright last night but he has shown a knack for folding under the pressure and becoming a sieve. We also need to up our overall sense of urgency. Too many times during this series we were outskated and outworked which lead to goals and loose pucks going the other way up the ice on fast breaks. This year feels differently….. but I seem to say that every year…. We shall see how we show up next round….Go Sharks

Highlights from last night below…


Jumbo Joe Getting Er Done

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