Top 5 Coaching Canidates for the Warriors

Posted on April 28, 2011 by


1. Rick Adelman

Rick Adelman is the perfect replacement for Keith Smart. This wouldn’t be his first stop in the bay, as he led the Warriors to a combined 66-98 record in two seasons before getting fired. But don’t blame him for that record, blame this fuckface.

Adelman reeled off 22 straight wins, coached the Rockets to their first playoff series victory since 1997, and led an undermanned, Tracy Mcgrady and Yao-lees squad to back to back winning seasons.

Adelman is an offensive guru, constructing some of the most entertaining styles of play in Sacramento and Portland. He would unleash Curry and Monta and bring out the best from our other players offensively. He’s been a winner most of his career and players love playing for him. His coaching style and offensive schemes would mesh beautifully with the Warriors personnel, and hiring a big name like him will bring hope to Warrior fans.

2. Jerry Sloan

I hate watching Utah games because they play boring, dirty, fundamental, and play great defense. Although it’s boring, this is how I want the Warriors to play. I love watching the Warriors run all day, but it has never translated to wins. I seriously doubt Sloan would ever want to coach the Warriors, but if he did, he would completely transform the way we play. Warrior players would give him respect and would play hard for him every night.

3. Mike Brown

Mike Brown was fired because Lebron couldn’t get his team to the finals. That is the only reason. Several players spoke out and praised his coaching abilities, and NBA people know he should have a job. He is not the best offensive coach, but he is a great defensive mind. His coaching strategies are similar to Greg Poppovich because he was an assistant with the Spurs, and that speaks volumes. He is also known to be a fantastic motivator, as he is known for getting Stephen Jackson to develop a work ethic and play defense.

“The first year we had him in San Antonio, he was on the (injured reserve) most of the year. At first, he didn’t understand why because he probably was the most talented player we had on that team, but he needed to mature a little bit so we stuck him there to see how he would respond. He was the best teammate on our team that first year. He was the first guy off the bench high-fiving his teammates during timeouts. He was in every single huddle. He was juiced at practice ready to play and compete and make the starters better, and it carried over into his second year when he got his opportunity to get out onto the floor and prove he could be a vital part of the organization,” Mike Brown said.

Sounds like someone we could use.

4. Lawrence Frank

Frank has been doing the same job that Tom Thibodeau did with the Boston Celtics last season. He is their defensive coach and even talks to them in huddles when Doc doesn’t feel like talking to them. Frank did a good job in New Jersey with sub-par players, and he would do the same with the Warriors. He would also bring our defense to another level the same way Thibodeau did with Chicago this year.

5. Mark Jackson

If you forgot how good Mark Jackson was as a player, check this out.

Mark Jackson has been itching to coach for a long time. He’s a great motivator and knows the game in and out. However, The main reason he should be considered is because he could really transform Stephen Curry into an all-star. The Warriors should take a good look.

Best of the rest: Jeff Van Gundy, Kevin McHale.

NO WAY: Larry Brown. Larry Brown and Monta would be the same thing as Larry Brown and AI. This is what I think about Larry Brown being our coach.