What is happening to the beautiful game?

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In lieu of yesterday’s disappointing UEFA Champions League match between Real Madrid and Barcelona (2-0, Barca), 756sports would like to present you with a breakdown of what some may call the beautiful game. This article will feature 5 reasons why we should keep believing in footy and 5 reasons why we should start believing in Jim Rome…

Thierry Henry’s super strike…this goal shows you how quickly a wonderful piece of skill can get you a goal. A beautiful flick, turn and strike by the former Arsenal striker takes the goalie by surprise and has the Gunners celebrating.

Thierry Henry’s handball…on the opposite end of the spectrum, this goal shows you why Henry is a complete piece of shit. The arrogant prick managed to use his hand twice to control the ball and play it across to William Gallas for the goal. The goal eliminated Ireland from being able to qualify for the World Cup and sent the French to South Africa where they completely imploded. After all this, FIFA denied Ireland a chance to replay the game.

Zidane’s genius…Zinedine Zidane aka Zizou is one of the best players to ever play this game. His footwork and technical ability is unmatched in my opinion, and he used this to reinvent the position of attacking midfielder.

Zidane’s headbutt…everyone knows about it, but its still fun to watch. Matterazi probably deserved it, but Zidane should have known better and it helped Italy win the 2006 World Cup. On the biggest stage, the best player in the world could not control his anger and ended up hurting France by not being available for the penalty shootout.

Messi/Maradona goal comparison…these two Argentinian players are two of the best to ever play the game. These goals are almost mirror images of each other as both players take on multiple defenders before dribbling around the keeper to put it in the net.

Messi/Maradona hand of god…the same two players managed to score identical goals again…but this time with their hand. In case you didn’t know, this is cheating.

Cristiano Ronaldo…Ronaldo joins Messi on top of the list of the best players playing this game right now. His skill, touch and ability to drill the ball into the net from anywhere on the field makes him unstoppable at times.

Dive Master…Ronaldo may be one of the most dangerous footballers on the planet, but his  whiny schoolgirl attitude has created a persona that fans tend to hate.

USA makes it to second round of 2010 World Cup… Landon Donovan sent the USA into the second round of the cup with a goal in stoppage time to beat Algeria. This was one of my favorite sports moments of all time and continues to give me goosebumps.

MLS…this league is complete shit. No wonder Americans do not follow soccer. The MLS named teams Real Salt Lake and Sporting Kansas City. The league’s best players are loaded up on two big market teams (LA, NY) making it unfair to smaller markets with bigger fan bases like Seattle and San Jose. Also, the MLS all-stars can’t even beat a second/third tier Manchester United squad in the annual all-star game. The league needs to be revamped all over if the USA hopes to increase popularity and improve the national team. Until then, 90th minute goals verse Algeria will have to suffice.

They are a lot of beautiful things about the game of footy, but it is being ruined by diving and acting. Yesterday’s el clasico demonstrated this perfectly. The game was filled with dives and fakes in order for a team to gain an advantage. The footballing gods need to clean this up somehow or else we will actually be seeing this at practices around the world…


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