Alex Smith expected to return, start for 49ers

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49ers coach Jim Harbaugh made it fully clear that he expects Alex Smith to return to the 49ers for the 2011 season and be the team’s starting quarterback. The two met on Friday afternoon at 49ers headquarters for over 40 minutes with all things pointing towards the return of Alex Smith as the 49ers QB. He left the headquarters with a playbook in hand, but with the NFL lockout back on, the 49ers are unable to sign the free agent.

Coach Harbaugh had this to say about the whole situation:

“Alex Smith is a 49er…Alex is going to definitely have the head start. He has played in the National Football League. He’s won games in the National Football League. So if I’m a betting man, I’m betting on Alex Smith.”

The 49ers will most likely use Smith as their starting QB for the upcoming season, while Harbaugh develops second round draft pick, Colin Kaepernick as the heir apparent. I am excited to see what Harbaugh can do with both of these quarterbacks and pray that Smith can flourish in a true West Coast Offense. With all this being said, I do not see the 49ers making a move to sign a different QB or making a trade for a guy like Kevin Kolb. It seems as if Alex Smith will be the guy for the 49ers for at least another year.


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