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756sports would first like to ask all of our fans and daily readers to take a moment out of their day, check into facebook, find our page and like it. By doing so, you will get direct links to our daily stories in your mini feed, once they are posted. In addition to this, you will get a bunch of other youtube entertainment thrown your way on the reg.

Another thing we are hoping to get going via social media is our twitter page. For all those who have a twitter, please follow us @756sports and believe me, you will not be disappointed. On Twitter, you can also find links to all our stories, plus some updates on daily sports news and matchups. To step our Twitter game up, we are going to start doing a section called: Tweets of the Week. Every week, we will post an article about the funniest sports-pop culture tweets that we found over the past few days. These tweets will be retweeted by our account on the reg, so if your looking for a laugh, make sure to follow us.

This week’s edition, as you could imagine, centers on the recent news that the USA killed Osama Bin Laden after a firefight in Pakistan…

5. @jalenrose, former NBA player and current ESPN NBA analyst said, “OK…OBAMA!!!”

4.@warriorsworld, warriors online personality and analyst, said, “Can you imagine if the soldier who first got to Osama’s body twitpic’d asap? #livinglegend

3. Zach Harper of @talkhoops, said, “Dwight Howard was just called for a technical foul for the Bin Laden death.”

2. back to @warriorsworld for this one, “Somebody in the White House had to have hit the dougie when they heard the news.”

1. Darnell Dockett of the Arizona Cardinals (personal fave on twitter), @ddockett said, “So we was looking 4 BIN LADEN that whole time in a Cave/moutain & this MOFO is hidden in a mansion watching the NBA playoffs! Oh hell naww!”

That is it for this week’s edition. Again, make sure to like us on Facebook (756sports) and follow us on Twitter (@756sports).


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