The Freak Sets a New Franchise Record

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Last night, Tim Lincecum surpassed Christy Mathewson for most games with double digit strikeouts in Giants franchise history. The 12K performance was his third 10+ strikeout performance this year and 29th overall. Christy Mathewson was only able to throw 28 in his 17 year career and Mathewson was no slouch. He is a member of the first five players inducted into the baseball hall of fame in 1936, a list that includes such legends as Babe Ruth, Honus Wagner, Ty Cobb and Walter Johnson.

In fact, Mathewson pitched three complete game shutouts in a span of six days to lead the Giants to victory in the 1905 World Series.

For Lincecum to already surpass Mathewson at the age of 26 is a phenomenal accomplishment.

Last August, when Timmy was in a slump, there was talk that he was becoming a pre-madonna and the Giants organization was done with him. Whether these statements were nothing more than rumors, many critics were ready to hop off the Lincecum bandwagon faster than George Constanza out of a burning building.

Whether or not you are a fan of pot, long hair or perfect mechanics, Tim Lincecum is slowly proving that he might not only be one of the best pitchers of all time, he may end up being considered one of the greatest players of all time (no offense to Mr. Ruth, Mr. Mays or Mr. Bonds).

Since then Timmy has been even more impressive than his first two years when he one back to back Cy Youngs. He spearheaded the 2010 World Series run and has been nothing short of spectacular this year. Yes, he had some control issues in the last two starts, but the Giants needed him more than ever last night as their offensive struggles have caused them to lose seven of the last ten. Timmy with the help of Freddy Sanchez came through with a brilliant performance and has set the Giants up for their first sweep of 2011.


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