Ron Artest: Dumbass

Posted on May 6, 2011 by


Lakers small forward and NBA veteran, Ron Artest is suspended for tonight’s game 3 against the Dallas Mavericks. Not only are the Lakers down 2-0 after losing both games at home, but they have to play game 3 in Dallas without their defensive stopper. The 11-year vet took out his team’s frustration in the waning seconds of their game 2 loss. Mavericks backup, JJ Barea was dribbling up the court when Artest came over and closelined the 5 foot 7 Puerto Rican guard.

I am sorry but Ron Artest is an idiot. He had just won a citizenship award and then he goes out and proves that he is a still wild, possibly drunk, player. Big-time players do not lose their cool in the waning seconds of a double-digit loss. They realize that they are going to be needed in the next game. Artest’s lack of presence in the LA rotation tonight could end up being the knockout punch that the Mavericks need. Shannon Brown or Lamar Odom are expected to get the start in place of Artest.


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