Pacquiao defeats Mosley

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Manny Pacquiao defeated Shane Mosley last night in a 12-round bout that left the sold out MGM Grand wanting a little bit more. The 14th consecutive win for the Filipino Congressman was a bit of a bore as it seemed that Sugar Shane was scared to fight him. Mosley was on the backpedal all night long and looked as though he was there only for the $5 million guaranteed. On the other side, PacMan got $20 million to follow Mosley around the ring for 12 rounds. Pacquiao’s trainer, Freddie Roach, was hoping to get a knockout as he told the press…

“I told him in the last round, ‘You’ve got to knock this guy out, because it’s embarrassing. He told me, ‘Coach, I’m trying, I’m trying.'”

Roach seemed upset with the way Mosley went about the fight, believing that it may have tarnished the veteran boxer’s 18-year-career…

“He backpedaled the whole night. He never took one step forward to try to press the action. His jab is in mothballs. I never saw it. His legs are gone. It wasn’t shocking, but I expected more. I like Shane, he’s a nice guy, but he’d better quit before he gets hurt.”

Roach also commented on the friendly manner with which the two boxers treated the fight…

“Why are you touching gloves? Is he your friend? I hate that. You’re supposed to be trying to knock this guy out.”

The highlight of the night was Pacquiao’s third round knockdown that came from a straight right to the head of Mosley…

We all hope to see Pacquiao square off with Mayweather next, but it is highly unlikely with all of Mayweather’s legal troubles and because he is scared. Instead, PacMan will most likely square off with Juan Manuel Marquez for a third time (2004 split decision, 2008 Pacquiao 12 round win).


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