Tweets of the Week…Round 2

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Now for the Tweets of the Week…

5. @NBAGuru: “Took some heat last week for claiming Dallas had best bench in Playoffs. Anyone still care to dispute this?”

-This is just some real talk. Dallas proved a lot of people wrong, including myself. Big ups to Dirk and the crew on their complete dismantling of the Lakeshow.

4. @SherwoodStrauss, Warriors writer, “The most compelling ‘Khloe and Lamar’ episode yet to come.”

-HAHAHAHA. This was after Game 3’s loss to the Mavs. I can’t wait for the episode from after Game 4 and Lamar’s elbow launch into Dirk.

3. @danieltosh, the Comedy Central comedian had this to say about the whole Lakers Game 4 meltdown…”who would have guessed that the Lakers would be classless losers? Ha! Bynum’s a piece of shit. #happymothersday”

2. @warriorsworld, online Warriors persona and personal favorite of mine had this to say after Lakers lost Game 3…”Where’s smush parker when you need him?”

-HAHAHA. Lakers could have used Smush to lock up Jason Terry that’s for sure.


1. @Sky21King, Bulls legend and announcer, Stacey King, “Phil Jackson probably is thinking right now #HOP (hold on playa), we got the wrong Gasol? Can we get a do over on that trade…#4realplaya”

-Gasol is soft. It’s a shame that the Lakers did a legend like that. They got what they deserve…a beat-down.

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