The Death of B2B

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All floats, which are sometimes quite creative but other times as simple as a keg in a shopping cart, will be confiscated at any of the checkpoints. The race will start at 7 a.m., one hour earlier than it did last year. The goal of the new rules is not to kill the party, said Sam Singer, spokesman for the race organizer, but to control what Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi calls the “knucklehead element,” he said. “You can come in costume, come naked, just don’t come drunk,” Singer said
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The Bay to Breakers used to be the best party in America. It is like Christmas, Halloween and the biggest frat party of the year combined into one amazing day. This year, Sam Singer is like Cheese from Old School and Dean Wormer from Animal House all rolled up into one.

The city of San Francisco cannot lose this glorious celebration on account of a J-Bro like Mr. Singer. Bay to Breakers with no floats and alcohol is a 13 mile jog and that is not fun at all. Leave the people who are trying to be the best at exercising to run 13 miles on their own, but let the people who are trying to make this event something special booze their faces off. Exercising While Intoxicated has a few good ideas to keep the fun alive during the race, but the drastic measures may call for a more drastic response.

C.W. Nevius, a writer for the SF Chronicle, wrote last year that “if you want to get blind drunk and stagger around a neighborhood, go to North Beach on Saturday night like everybody else.” Excuse me, Mr. Nevius, yea getting hammered on Saturday night is always a good time, but that can get repetitive and expensive. Bay to Breakers is the ultimate Sunday Funday where tens of thousands of people drink all day in ridiculous costumes on awesome floats. Yes, there may be a little trash here and there, but there are never any fights or acts of vandalism. Everyone has smiles on their faces, including the cops that are supervising the naked and costumed participants. In fact, once I lost my cell phone in the middle of Bay to Breakers, and a stranger on this Animal House returned it to me the next day.
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So, please everyone who attends B2B this year, come 1776 Revolutionary Wasted and Take Back the Best Day of the Year


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